In everything that Sat Nishan does, the overall goal is to contribute to creating a more peaceful and loving world.  She uses the power of voice, yoga and meditation to increase her energy frequency and experience her aliveness. She is a singer/songwriter who writes songs from the soul as a way to heal, grow, and connect to the Divine. Her journey has led her to sacred and healing sounds and this is revealed in her new album Surrender, Produced by Thomas Barquee.


 Sat Nishan is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor certified by the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association. She completed Teacher Training in 2008 at Golden Bridge Yoga, learning from Gurmukh, Harijiwan, Tej & Gurushabd.  As part of this Spiritual path she received the name, Sat Nishan Kaur.   Before finding Kundalini Yoga, Sat Nishan studied Sound Healing with Jonathan Goldman and in 2005, created SpiritSongs workshops to help people open to the voice of their soul. 


Born, Amy Sunshine Therrien, Sat Nishan Kaur began singing and vocalizing when she was three years old.   She was brought up singing and performing in Christian churches as part of her family band. She began writing and sharing her own songs at the age of 21, performing throughout Maine and New England.  She has recorded and released two folk-rock albums of her original songs (Breathing, 1999) & (Fires Burning, 2005).  Many of the songs on both of her first albums were written and performed with her husband, Vaikko Allen.  Vaikko still adds his earthy grooves on Djembe and his sweet harmonies to Sat Nishan’s live performances.  She has been married to Vaikko since 1993 and they welcomed their son, Noah, in 2006.


After earning a BA in Psychology in her 20’s, Sat Nishan worked in the Young Adult Abuse Prevention Program (YAAPP) for five years, traveling throughout Maine and New England with a team of violence prevention educators on a mission to promote healthy relationships and peaceful behavior.  Her songwriting began as activism, performing her first original song "Hush" at Portland's Take Back the Night Rally, a rally to raise awareness about and call for an end to sexual violence. She continued as an organizer and performer at this event for 6 years.  


The depth of her work has been a result of a lifelong journey of service through creative expression and also the unique devotion of motherhood. For more information please visit





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Sat Nishan Kaur

  • Soft soothing music, tames the soul into peacefulness!

    -- Kathleen
  • very beautiful,soothing and peaceful

    -- sarjit