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Sat Kartar’s chant music events are an experience, ranging from heartfelt ethereal devotion and longing, to groove-driven, spirited get-up-and-dance fun. Her voice wascharacterized by veteran music critic Alan diPerna, as “a crystalline vocal instrument, imbued with a welcoming, almost maternal warmth, and an evocative style of phrasing, reminiscent of Grace Slick.”

Born in Atlanta, Ga., Sat Kartar’s childhood was full of music. Her father frequently performed at parties and restaurants. She played piano at 5, guitar at 14, and picked out everything by ear, on piano and guitar, from the Beatles to the Spanish classical Malaguena. She trained in ballet, and other dance forms. In college, she was gigging at dances and activist rallies, singing cover tunes of singer-songwriters and folk artists. One big influence was Joni Mitchell, whose open tunings and unusual melodies were a doorway and vicarious permission to explore uncharted territory. Sat Kartar’s signature “wrong way leftie” open guitar tuning style, (she plays left-handed, with an upside down right-handed guitar) are an influence of Ms. Mitchell’s sound, and double, in Sikh classical kirtan, as counterpoint modal accompaniment for raga compositions.Sat  Kartar

Sat-Kartar has led sacred music events worldwide for 4 decades. She was a member of the first Kundalini yoga chant band, the Khalsa String Band. Several world renowned chant artists and yoga teachers, who currently make recordings, tour and teach today, were part of the KSB alumni and include Guru Singh, Krishna Kaur, Gurudass Singh, Gurudass Kaur, and Amar Singh & Sahib Amar Kaur. This band toured with Yogi Bhajan throughout the U.S. and Canada, during 2003-2004.

Around this time, Sat-Kartar began what would be a life study of Northern Indian classical kirtan, with numerous Sikh musicians, called Ragis (Sikhs who sing devotionally in Eastern raga scales). “I wanted to bring the enchantment of this world of music to an American audience in a simpler form, so Westerners could appreciate the haunting beauty of these ancient scales.” In 1984 and '85, collaborating with veteran New Age producer Liv Khalsa, they created two timelessly beautiful recordings, Spirit in Blossom and Domain of Shiva, a group of hymns from the sacred Sikh texts, containing 4 raga scales. Symphonically orchestrated and ahead of its time, this music found a new audience, in the early stages of New Age Music movement. They also created two 31-minute meditations, which were re-mastered and re-released in 2009, called Ethereal Journey.

Sat KartarSat Kartar's quest for spiritual musical expression found form in a genre of dance electronica. A chance meeting with musician-producers Akinchina Das and Lalita Dasi, whose background was also Indian classical, turned out to be instant musical chemistry, and the techno group Overlords of the UFO was born. Their vinyl EPs Imagine and Transcendental Overdrive, released in 1994 and 1997 respectively, drew critical acclaim in the international dance and DJ market.

In 2002, Sat Kartar began a decade of recording, and released a CD of chants for use with sadhana practice called Daily Practice. Co-produced with Dan Charnas, she and her band began extensively touring the Southwest with this CD, and garnered a regional following. She has since teamed with veteran producer Thomas Barquee for three recordings, Flow (2005), Listen (2007) and Call for the Beloved (2011). “Working with Thomas is a special experience. These recordings were new ground for me, a journey of faith into my heart.” In 2006 Sat Kartar began touring and offering music events internationally.

She has sung on recordings of many kirtan artists which include Krishna Das, Wah!, Dave Stringer, Antion Vikram Singh, Siri Ved Kaur. Her Flow and Listen recordings have been reviewed in Yoga Journal. Her music is also featured on several Spirit Voyage compilations, with Kundalini mantra and Sikh sacred kirtan. Her passion is to share this sacred sound current with those seeking it, in myriad music forms, in a manner, that it will be accessible for all who are seeking the deep peace and joy it can bring.

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Special Guest: Sat Kartar Kaur Thursday, May 26, 2011




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Sat Kartar

  • Good

    -- Patricio olivares
  • A wonderful meditation and music

    -- Yasmin Leon
  • Great

    -- Manav Inder
  • she is wonderful

    -- anna jiremark
  • I really loved the mantras sang by Sat Kartar. I am finding that I am listening more and more to chanting rather than songs or music. It just feels right to me.

    -- Matt Carolan
  • wonderful

    -- anna jiemark
  • enlightening

    -- Har anand Kaur

    -- SANDRA
  • I love it! Makes me open my heart and feel fulfilled.

    -- kiki whipple
  • I love her voice, its Line an Ángel

    -- Doroyhy Fano
  • wonderfull

    -- Sat Kiret Kaur
  • The more I listen, the more beautiful the arrangement seems. So simple and so powerful.

    -- Nora Vernon
  • Wonderful work and lovely voice

    -- Nora Vernon
  • very nice

    -- marc
  • quiero el mantra como lo descargo

    -- alejandra sanchez
  • Me encanta!

    -- Marilu
  • Thank you Sat Kartar, I was looking for the kindest song I could find for this day, I started last night, and found it in this gift FLOW. Why we need what we need and when we receive it, is such a gift of God. Whenever I can stop listening to this, I will order it from Spirit Voyage to take us into the melting heart of I Am I Am, Spring.

    -- Marie Camille
  • joanjosue

    -- 18
  • I feel honored to be offered the full length of these tracks until I afford the lifestyle which involves honoring Sat Kartar with the purchase of her cd. I noticed many other artists do not offer full-length tracks. I have given this song to a lady at work. She seemed enamored of it. "I AM I AM" IS AWESOME!!!!!

    -- Phoenix (Sach Amrit)
  • I purchased the flow CD shortly after its release at a Snatam Kaur, Guru Ganesha and Krishan performance. Over the years music has come and gone... one thing is sure though, it is always beautiful to come home to the flow of Sat Kartar and Har Har Har Amritsar... absoutely Celestial...

    -- Lawrence(Lah) Michael Moore
  • Sat Kartar has a most beautiful voice, llike an angel

    -- grace
  • really spiritual

    -- Amanpreet Singh
  • Great music, wonderful human being!

    -- Sat Preet Kaur
  • Beautiful voice and soulful. Love Crimson

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  • beautifull voice, beatifull music.

    -- Guadalupe Ceceña M.
  • Uplifting.

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  • Voice penetrates the heart and soul lifts the spirit to a beautiful place I love her music many blessings sat nam

    -- Gee Nieves / Sat Inder Kaur
  • Me gusta mucho su música y su voz

    -- Cristina Morales
  • Beautiful. Fuels the heart and sings to the soul.

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  • I love this music. Its so relaxing

    -- kuldip
  • This is a wonderful and soothing music. Quite relaxing and engaging. I would like to get some for my trainings or therapy sessions.I am mental health professional and provides trainings for humanitarian workers on general stress management and and critical incident stress management. Laya Yoga

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