Sat Avtar Kaur was first introduced to sacred mantra, meditation, and Kundalini Yoga while attending Massachusetts College of Art where she studied design. Her first encounter with Kundalini Yoga, though daunting for a young, shy college student, turned into a sacred, joyful, spiritual practice. A practice that throughout the years has supported her, and been a vehicle for transformation. While she attended college, she toured North America DJ’ing and performing under the name Inanna, for which she currently still releases music, along with the alias Searcher of Hearts. She moved to Los Angeles after graduation, working as a multi-media designer. Her first single, ‘Guru Ram Das’ has already been a ray of sunshine, bringing healing and joy to listeners. She currently is working on her first album of healing chants. Sat Avtar teaches Kundalini Yoga internationally, and is a talented visual artist and writer. Her articles have been featured on Yogamint, and Children of the New Earth Magazine. Using her voice, she radiates the energy of the Aquarian Age, sharing the blessing of angels, and magic of the celestial faeries.





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Sat Avtar

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