SarahHawker and Debra Clifford have been playing unique, traditionally-basedmountain music as "The LonesomeSisters" since 2002, producing 5 CD's and touring the country. In 2006they were voted Best Acoustic Duo by Gibson Guitars.

In 2009, Sarah was introduced to Kundalini Yoga chants and mantras and felt animmediate connection between the Primitive Baptist tradition of her family and Kundalini’suse of sound as a vehicle for opening unique, healing spaces for both thechanters and listeners. This inspired her to take teacher training, where shedeveloped a yogic practice founded on the notion that sound can transform. Hermantra recordings with Debra Clifford draw on their background in traditionalAmerican Roots music, using sparse, acoustic instrumentation and intensive,bare vocal harmonies to open meditative spaces.

Sarah Hawker is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and an award-winningmusician. She comes from a long line of traditional Southern musicians,including her aunt Ginny Hawker, uncle Tracy Schwarz, and grandfather BensonHawker, from whom she learned about the beauty, simplicity and healing power ofspiritual music, through the Primitive Baptist tradition. She plays guitar,clawhammer banjo and harmonium and sings lead.

Debra Clifford plays guitar, mandolin, clawhammer banjo, tenor guitar and singsharmony. She brings her love of harmony singing and early American spiritualmusic to the mantras.





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Sarah Hawker