Sarah Calvert is a modern day Renaissance Woman who adorns many hats as an award-winning performing singer-songwriter, mantra musician, producer, assistant musical theatre director, former high school English teacher, freelance journalist, Extreme Freestyle Skiing competitor, ski, sailing and Kundalini Yoga instructor, outdoor wilderness guide and all around swell gal.

An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, she has produced and recorded four full-length CDs. “Love and Light” features Kundalini Yoga mantras; “Other Side” is a collection of original music; “Masala: Memories and Melodies” is a compilation of 11 original songs and their accompanying memoirs of traveling the world that lie behind the songs; “Santiago Sadhana” is her most recent album and features the Aquarian Sadhana mantras. Her music is as diverse as she is: folk; rock; jazz; blues; Latin; electronica.She has performed on stages all over Canada, the US, South America, India and Australia on world tours.

She began playing piano at seven years of age, and was influenced by her father’s rock and roll record collection, and her mother’s love of musical theatre. After leaving school-teaching, she became a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and returned to college to study jazz piano and vocals: her true passions being yoga and music. She loves to teach. She loves to perform. She loves to spread the light.





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Sarah Calvert

  • Sarah is a sweet, fun and life loving woman, with a passion for creation. Her music comes from the heart and is reflected in her beautiful voice. I plan on collaboration with Sarah in my future musical compositions.

  • I love her, she is one of my best friends. I like her music too, such a pure light!

    -- Jasbir Kaur
  • I have Sarah's mantra CD and I often play it on a repeating loop as I work. It is so tranquil, and it is soooo Sarah!

    -- Livjot Kaur
  • She is talented Singer.Her voice is melodious.

    -- Ranbir Singh josan
  • Love and Light is beautiful. Sarah's voice is so soothing and moving. Highly recommend!

    -- Jill