Sangeet Kaur Khalsa was born in Toronto, Canada and had her first experiences with the Soundcurrent through singing opera and Jewish liturgical music in her local synagogue. For many years she was a member of Canada’s premier chamber choir, Festival Singers of Canada. Sangeet is a speech-language pathologist, living and working in Espanola, New Mexico.



As a longtime student of Yogi Bhajan, Sangeet sings, teaches, composes and records sacred music drawn from the poetry and technology of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (the sacred Sikh scriptures). This technology is designed to open the heart and expand the consciousness, and is the foundation for the study of Sound and Mantra. Sangeet teaches throughout the United States and Canada, helping students to experience their voices as vehicles for self-healing and healing others through this sacred Soundcurrent. Her CDs are produced by Spirit Voyage Records.




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Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

  • Holiness, healing, transformative..

    -- Lorin (Jivanjeet) Oneal
  • Wonderful

    -- Sukh Nidhan
  • I encountered your music as part of Teacher Training, which I've just spiritual name, which I've just taken, is Naad Kaur, amazingingly. I am also a speech and language pathologist in the Bay Area, CA I am astounded by all I have learned and am certain to learn more. I study Kirtan with Prabhu Nam Kaur. I would love to know more about how you have merged your Kundalini journey with that of being an I myself find myself wanting to merge my worlds more and more. I am in love. Thank you for being a part of my journey toward merging with the infinite

    -- Naad Kaur 'aka' Monique Eurich
  • One of the most beautiful voices, and songs.

    -- Poppy Carter
  • An adventurer of self-awareness and awakening. Teacher, one who says,"open your creative self."

    -- Doris Barrett
  • I think...she has one of the most beautiful...just...magical voices I have EVER heard.

    -- Poppy Cater
  • This is a beautiful sadhana cd!

    -- Ramneet Kaur
  • Sangeet's voice is so uplifting and healing. How interesting she was in Corporate America in NY ... me, too! I would love for Sangeet to email me ... I'd like her advice on how to approach corporations to teach them kundalini kriyas, meditations, breathwork to uplift and de-stress ... sat nam.

    -- Sat Kirpal Kaur/Darlene Attard