Sajah Singh has been a deep practitioner and teacher of Kundalini Yoga for more than 15 years. During this time he has been teaching Kundalini Yoga within the disciplines of Yogi Bhajan as well as giving numerous workshops in different places. He is leading Prosperity Yoga Studio in Barcelona, a centre devoted to yoga disciplines, spirituality and healing therapies. He has been formed in several countries including Spain and the United States, attending training courses in Barcelona, Madrid, California and New York.


He has a deep authentic devotion to spread the knowledge of yoga and guide the students to their own authenticity. Not only teaches he yoga and spirituality, but he also creates powerful music using the science of Naad. He has recorded several Kundalini Mantra Cds with either earthy or celestial rhythms; he has also produced instrumental music suitable for pranayam exercises, meditation or relaxation.


He currently lives in Barcelona, Spain, where in addition to his yoga related activities, he organises activities to raise funds and collaborate with the most needy; he is a tireless warrior when it comes to help others. He is known both for his good sense of humor and for his demand in his lessons.




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Sajah Singh

  • I really like the deep harmony of his voice, giving new vibrations to the Mantras. Gracias.

    -- Araceli Moreno ~Guru Simrit Kaur~
  • Muito bom!!!

    -- Veet Bhakti
  • super

    -- christa
  • ..This is for you,for the gLORY OF GOD.yor heartis meantto be God!s home.God loves you.

    -- milica
  • Really love the ambient aspect of his music and appreciate a different/new approach to mantra. REFRESHING!

    -- Harmanjeet
  • Truly the Divine Heart beats deeper by your gift of creation. Very very very lovely. Nameste.

    -- Marise
  • Beautiful Deep voice! Very meditative. Love Ek Ong Kar and Sa Ta Na Ma Ra Ma Da Sa <3 Thank you Sahaj Singh :-)

    -- Siri Anand
  • The interpretation of RaMaDaSa *ecstacized * me!!! Hearthanks!

    -- Vivian
  • Infinite thanks to All: This albums are recorded to work in a monotone way, to do very deep meditations. Are produced from the heart by Ferenz Kallos who I Love, to connect with the heart and make a better world. Blessings from Spain Sajah Singh

    -- Sajah Singh
  • good

    -- sirimukh