Ravidass grew up and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  He took his Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Sat Dharam Kaur (of Owen Sound, Ontario) in the beautiful mountain town of Canmore, Alberta.  It was also during this time that the album Ambrosial Sadhana was created.  Work on the album began just weeks before the training began and it was released just two weeks before his graduation.  The day after graduation, he embarked on a two-month tour to New Mexico, San Diego and on to Vancouver, playing sadhanas and kirtans along the way.

                  Ravidass draws much musical influence from his indie-rock background.  He is still active in the scene in a band called The Knowledge of Us.  It is the expressive changes in dynamics (ex. taking songs from whisper quiets to ecstatic climaxes) and melodic chord structures and vocal harmonies that help shape Ravidass' sound with his mantras.  He constantly strives to embody the meaning of the mantras in his compositions, while capitalizing on the power of catchy melodies and rhythms.

                  Devoted to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Ravidass continues to explore the seemingly infinite possibilities Kundalini Yoga mantras have to offer.  Stay tuned for more releases coming soon.  For more information, please visit www.ravidassmusic.com





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  • Just love this! So sweet and simple with a great groove.

    -- Allison
  • Love the album, it's gentle and comforting in a deep nurturing way. Blessings! Mahnpahl Kaur

    -- mkhttp://vitasvedas.com