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Ravi Kaur Khalsa

  • best bhangra

    -- Rattan kaur singh
  • wow ! fatte chakk !

    -- dans
  • Fabulous

    -- Liz Smithhttp://cambridgeyogaandfitness.org
  • Sat Sri Akal Ravi Ji. For the first time I have seen beautiful sikh girls performing bhangra. I also love bhangra and performed for 11 years and really love to perform with u all. I'll join u on face book. there is our one video on you tube named bhangra fever. up loaded by bfever, plz do watch that n mail ur views

    -- shive shankar singh
  • We have been watching bhangra for years but Ravi's bhangra is the best, thoroughly enjoyed it

    -- Gurinder Sohi