Ram Dass

Ram Dass is one of today's most gifted music-smiths. Born with melody in his blood and harmony in his soul, he is a truly brilliant and unique multi-instrumentalist, producer, and human being. His debut solo album, "The Alchemist's Prayer" has received unanimously positive reviews around the globe.

Ram Dass has performed live with:
Snatam Kaur
Guru Ganesha Singh
Manish Vyas and Tanmayo
Nirinjan Kaur
Roscoe Mitchell
Joseph Jarman
David Worm
The Young People's Symphony Orchestra

Ram Dass has produced music for and with:
Snatam Kaur
Harnam Singh
Nirinjan Kaur
Simrit Kaur
Reyes and Wirtschafter
Ramdesh Kaur
Spirit Voyage Records
ZC Media

Ram Dass is a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

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Special Guest: Ram Dass Thursday, July 07, 2011




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Ram Dass

  • Looooove it!

    -- Christina kronblad
  • Sends light to my soul

    -- violet Moon
  • Breathtaking. So in love with all parts of this album. I have been listening to this for days now. Over and over and over and it brings tears to my eyes and a deep love that transcends time and space. I am buying another copy to have available to give to someone who is moved when they hear this playing and inquire. I was so happy to see you will be in San Diego. Many Blessings and Sat Nam

    -- Nampreet
  • nice

    -- jenser
  • Thank you x 100 = many Blessings. namaste

    -- Kat
  • MONSOON ~ Exquisite! Uplifting, Inspirational, Transcendent! My heart is flying! Bright Blessings!

    -- Diana
  • love him, when to the west oast?

    -- Mary
  • I like this music and Niranjan Kuars very sweet voice

    -- Beant Kaur
  • Love him!!

    -- Donna Jacobs
  • What deft talent and grounded presence. Just saw him in concert with Jai-Jagdeesh and Hargobind - What a beautiful experience. We're looking forward to more concerts!

    -- Nihal Kaurhttp://https://sites.google.com/site/kundaliniyogasantacruz/
  • The Alchemist's Prayer-what beauty and inspiration for the mind, body and spirit. When I listen to Ram Dass' music, I have to stop what I am doing and just "be" with the music. It touches my soul. Thank you.

    -- Elisa
  • Absolutely beautiful!!!

    -- Sat Narayan Kaur
  • He's talented tops!

    -- Siri Bandhuhttp://www.ottawaweddingsyourway.com
  • He is inspired by spirit and this album is just perfect for all of us to enjoy on life's journey. I love it very much. Thank you. Sat Nam

  • soothing voice, incrediable team.i couldn't comment it is all divine.thanks

    -- harinder
  • Just saw Ram Dass live at Sat Nam Fest last weekend. So beautiful! Buying my copy right now.

    -- June
  • The voice and music of Ram Dass offer a gateway into the bliss.

    -- Lynne
  • We recently met Ram Dass in Mt Shasta, staying in same B&B, and he gave us the CD. We love it and would like him to know!

    -- Joan
  • It's beautiful, awesome job. I bought this right away!

    -- John
  • Beautiful!!!

    -- nancy Herrick