Radharani is a singer of Indian and world devotional music and teaches singing, philosophy and Kundalini Yoga / meditation. 

Early Life: Born Renee Finkelstein, she grew up on Long Island, NY and had an incredible education in the arts. She was creating her own music from the moment she could speak, and was composing chamber music by age 11. She was an award-winning young composer, influenced by early exposure to Philip Glass and other contemporary and New Age composers. Her original music expressed a modal, eastern flavor before she had any real exposure to eastern music, and her first choral piece was a chant with one word: “Aleluia”, foreshadowing an interest in mantra music. 

After graduating from Cornell University, she spent four years in India studying Kundalini and Hatha Yoga, Indian philosophy, Bhakti Yoga and Sanskrit with her teachers Sripad Premananda Prabhu, Srila Narayana Goswami Maharaj and Dr. Vagish Shastri. She now takes people on pilgrimages to sacred sites in India through her company Shakti Path, and is also a portrait painter.


Radharani sings with many other kirtan artists including Kirtan Rabbi, Sri Kirtan and others. She sang for 3 years in the a cappella group Prana, a group that performs meditative harmonies and Tibetan-inspired overtones, and which recorded and performed with the Grammy nominee Krishna Das. She appears on many kirtan albums. She is featured on the new albums of Sri Kirtan and Lee Mirabai Harrington and on the upcoming single “Shiviti” by Kirtan Rabbi, Andrew Hahn. She sings monthly at the Shabbat Kirtan offered by the Kirtan Rabbi at Integral Yoga in NYC.


 In 2012 she created the Gaiatree Sound Project, a community choir for vocal exploration, discovery of the sacred power of music, and the use of song and chant as a spiritual practice. She is very proud to have helped many people discover, refine, and most importantly, enjoy their voices.





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