Pritam Hari plays guitar with an incredible amount of heart and joy, channeling the divine with bits of Grateful Dead in the mix.

Pritam Hari has a deep love for various yogic and chanting traditions. He has a grounded back ground in many of the teachings from India. His studies of Spiritual literture and various practices have been the primary focus of his life. From Hinduism to Sikh Dharma, Kundalini Yoga to Hatha, Giana Yoga to Bhakti he loves it all. He has sat with various masters and lived in many spiritual communities. He studied the guitar with master teachers and has enjoyed a private teaching practice for over a decade. He loves singing and playing kirtan. His intention as a kirtan musician is to hold sacred space for people to enter into pure devotion, love, and the truth of our being. 




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Pritam Hari