Nirvair Singh KhalsaNirvair Singh Khalsa lives with his family in Anchorage, Alaska and Espanola, New Mexico. He has studied under Yogi Bhajan since 1971. He was a University Instructor and taught Kundalini Yoga at the University of Alaska Anchorage from 1975 until his retirement in 2007. Nirvair Singh Khalsa is now the CEO of the Kundalini Research Institute in New Mexico. So far, Nirvair Singh Khalsa has authored nineteen videos and four books on Kundalini Yoga.

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Special Guest: Nirvair Singh on the Aquarian Age Thursday, November 10, 2011
Special Guest: Nirvair Singh Thursday, August 11, 2011




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Nirvair Singh Khalsa

  • I have spent many hours with the Beginners course over the years. First found in a library and eventually bought set. I love his gentleness, wit and encouragement. He is a great teacher

    -- barbara Mansfield
  • Nirvair Singh has a great screen presence and is a wonderful teach. His DVD is worth every penny!

    -- Shiva Anter Singh
  • Amazing presenter, excellent balance of wisdom and humor. Attend a workshop of Nirvair Singh's if you have the opportunity.

    -- Shabad Simran Singh
  • Excellent teacher amazing results in balance life changes

    -- Brendeen
  • I really enjoy what I have found out about his method of teaching. As soon as I can afford to I am planning on buyins his Beginners System

    -- Brinda Johnson
  • Excellence in professional yoga teaching

    -- Dev Singh
  • love,love,love this dvd! Bonney

    -- Bonney
  • I love this guy! Let Us Walk Tall and Grace and Prosperity are 2 of the best Kundalini DVDs I've ever had the pleasure of practicing. He has a very pleasant voice and way about him. He gives you enough prompts and then has the good sense to be quiet. Some teachers yap way too much and that can interfere with the experience. Nirvair is really terrific and I would suggest his DVDs to anyone who is interested in how Kundalini yoga should be taught.

    -- Dhyanjot Kaur
  • Nirvair is one of the most inspirational teachers I've had. He's laid back, grounded, humble and is easy to relate to.

    -- Karampal Kaur
  • Nirvair is a wonderful teacher. His book (The art, science, and application of kundalini yoga) is THE most heavily-used kundalini yoga manual I have, and I have plenty. His yoga practices on DVD are lovely. He has a really gentle, kind and encouraging manner that shines through in his DVDs and also in his writing. He is one of my favorite yoga teachers, bar none.

    -- Charan Kaur
  • Was my first experience with Kundalini Yoga by renting his basic 12 part series at library. His gentleness and sense of humor is sothing and encouraging. I am not an avid practicer, but will always remember basic things by picturing him in my mind. Has helped me through difficlut times and hopefully better times to come.

    -- Barbara Mansfield
  • I have a VHS tape that was made while he worked at UAA. I have used is frequently but must now move to the digital age. He has the most wonderful, soothing voice.

    -- Janet
  • I love Nirvair's yoga DVDs I have two but am looking for the whole set. He is an excellent teacher. I have learned so much

    -- Bernadette