Bernhard Mikuskovics & Georg Baum present sensitive and intimate but yet passionate and wild early European and Indoeuropean songs and tunes in a contemporary outfit with the use of vocals, overtone singing, classical & celtic harp, guitar, jew’s harp, bowed psaltery, ocarina, ethnic flutes & instruments. 

BERNHARD MIKUSKOVICS is a gifted vocalist, multiinstrumentalist, composer, music producer, educationalist and book author that has been working with music since early childhood and received his musical knowledge and musical skills during extended travels and in collaboration with gifted colleagues and teachers after completing a graphic education in Vienna, Austria. www.mikuskovics.info  

GEORG BAUM is a qualified concert harpist, pianist, composer, music producer and educationalist that graduated at Franz Schubert Conservatory Vienna with awards. Ever since his studies, concerts, broadcasting, film and television recordings led him nationwide and abroad as a much sought after soloist and companion of renowned colleagues. www.harpmosphere.com 




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Mikuskovics Baum