Mike Tamburo is an explorer and lover of life from Pittsburgh, PA. He has dedicated himself to explorations in music, listening, tuning, the healing power of sound, meditation and consciousness studies. He has most recently stepped into the public eye as one half of the cosmic Gong/sound therapy and mantra duo Crown of Eternity. Together with his wife Gallina, Crown of Eternity have given hundreds of performances throughout the US.


He has spent years honing his skills as a musician and listener and has been involved in nearly 60 recordings (most of them solo). His music has always taken the listener on a timeless and transportive inner journey. He is greatly inspired by American folk and minimalist music traditions as well as Indian classical music, but often expands outward to include influences from avant-garde to drone to modern compositional music. He plays dozens of instruments including hammered dulcimer, Gong, bells, bowls, guitar, bass, shahi baaja, zither, swarmandal, percussion, harmonium, clarinet, electronics, looping and instruments of his own invention. Tamburo is interested in immersing his listeners in vibration as well as attuning them into the subtle aspects of listening deeply.


Tamburo is also an artist, film maker, writer, instrument builder, curator of the Fantastic Voyagers Festivals, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Sound Therapist, Gong enthusiast and consultant, and inner state researcher; exploring alpha and theta states, floatation tanks, orgone energy, and ecstatic states of being. He also runs the Sounds Eternal and New American Folk Hero labels, which continue to release an eclectic roster of creative, meditational and experimental music. He teaches workshops throughout the US on listening, sound therapy, the Gong and Kundalini Yoga. Paul Simpson of Foxy Digitalis says "Tamburo truly is a master…creating intricate patterns and textures and generally just sounding incredible". 




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Mike Tamburo