Throughout her life, Michelle Christine Garza’s opportunities to travel have been a central piece of her love affair with music-making and songwriting. A multitude of her writing has been inspired by the witnessing, reflecting upon, and reverence of Natural Beauty, her immersion in and observation of foreign cultures, and by countless months of time alone in nature-rich lands.

Paired with her studies in Tibetan Buddhist meditation, Kundalini (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) and Ashtanga (as taught by Baba Hair Dass) yogic training, and her consistent search for the Mystic, Michelle Christine’s study of the effectiveness of intentional sound has led her to realize her passion: to communicate with others from the heart through creativity, song and sound.

In November, 2013 Michelle Christine moved to the Netherlands, where she teaches Kundalini and other yogas, and continues to explore her relationship with the Divine through mantra and heart-songs. She has a small business called Radiant Heart Revolution, through which she receives private clients and hosts workshops, utilizing her skills in Creative Arts Therapy, energy healing, music and yoga.




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Michelle Christine Garza