Bikram Singh (Bansuri flute) and Manish Vyas (tabla and Santoor), two of today's most brilliant emerging performers of Indian classical music, have harmonized their musical talents to form the group Mandala.

Bikram Singh, skilled with a solid technical foundation of classical Bansuri flute, effortlessly weaves grace and fluidity with articulate precision. He has infused his own unique style with the varied influences of many different teachers and his loving and gentle presence that the listener is always touched and inspired by. Bikram has also been Shastro's flute teacher in India.

Manish Vyas started in his early childhood to study Indian classical music as a tabla player under the late tabla Maestro Ustad Ala Rakha. After beautifully mastering this instrument he started learning santoor, vocals as well as a variety of western musical instruments. His musical expertise and sensitivity has been playing a critical role in many of Prem Joshua's albums such as Dance of Shakti. The two have co-produced the album Water Down the Ganges. Manish is also the author of 6 albums of his own with the Indian label Oorja Music.






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