Kristin "Luna" Ray is a singer-songwriter, workshop leader, and advocate for wellness and spiritual growth. Over the last five years, she has traveled extensively throughout the world sharing music through performance, workshops, kirtans (call and response chanting), and community work with hospice, and in schools with children. She is currently involved in an artist collaboration entitled the Bhakti Vinyasa Project, a Live Music and Yoga Experience. When she’s not traveling she resides part time in Asheville, NC, and part time in La Florida, Costa Rica where she has co-founded the True Nature Education Center.


Luna's latest album, "Where Heaven Meets the Earth", has just been released. Reflecting her world travels to India, Costa Rica, and Fiji, the album features a number of prominent musicians playing unique world instruments such as the kanun (Turkey), tablas (India), the Oud (Persia), and numerous others. This world music backdrop supports Luna's folk-inspired acoustic guitar, and lyrical storylines that address themes of spiritual growth.


She has collaborated with and shared the stage with recording artists such as Wah!, David Newman, River Guerguerian, Shimshai, Bhagavan Das, and Girish. Luna believes that music is vital to maintaing health and well-being. She is committed to sharing music in a way that awakens a deep remembrance of our truest Self.




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Luna Ray

  • Is a beautifull job...bless you

    -- siri kartar kaur