Leesa Sklover combines 25 years of experience in the field of spirituality, health and healing. As a performing singer songwriter, sacred music composer of world and Kundalini chants, and eco music, where she has composed scores for films on the ocean and the Arctic.  She has many cds in many genres. In her Eco Music  she communes vocally with animals in the wild.   Her main love is the power of word and lyric, to bring change to the world and her reason for being a performer and music therapist. She has an Off broadway musical, Mother Me Therapy, to her credit. She has worked in Film music and at MCA records in LA. She  has practiced for over 25 years as a licensed counselor, certified music therapist (1990/ CMT). A Kundalini yoga teacher (KRI, IKYTA), and

 Certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT) doing groups and individual therapeutic sessions and national workshops and trainings. Her Ph.D. is in Philosophy with a specialization in clinical and depth psychology. She is a healing and creative visionary, educator, director of LoveLife Productions LLC, facilitating learning programs/media, self journeys in eco spirituality education, health & healing, and the creative arts. She worked 12 years at Canyon Ranch Spa bringing meditation, music therapy and integrative therapies to the mainstream.  She has created Music YogaTherapy training programs and workshops. She teaches SUP paddle board and uses the paddle board as a venue to do yoga therapy, meditation and chant and trainings in SUP Yoga Therapy and Meditation.

She runs workshops, teaches Kundalini yoga, and has a private practice at Yoga Village in Tarpon Springs and at New England holistic health in Glastonbury, CT. She performs and leads workshops all over the country and  her music is played all over the world, where she dreams of playing it.




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Leesa Sklover Sangeet Kaur