Krishna Kaur, a dynamic, heart centered Yoga teacher, began studying with Yogi Bhajan in 1970 and has passionately taught the art and science of Kundalini Yoga and Self Awareness for 40 years.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from her teaching in Africa, Mexico, and inner cities throughout the United States. A master teacher trainer of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, she conducts workshops in Canada, Europe, and Latin America.

She is certified by the 3HO Foundation and the Kundalini Research Institute as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Trainer of both Level I and II. She is the regional coordinator for 3HO Africa, which unites Kundalini Yoga in Africa.  Krishna also founded and runs Y.O.G.A. for Youth, a non-profit dedicated to training yoga teachers to work with at-risk youth and creating yoga programs in schools and juvenile facilities. 

Krishna opened the first yoga center in South Central Los Angeles and continues to train yoga teachers, teach workshops, and bring yoga to the underserved populations throughout  the world. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California.  





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Krishna Kaur

  • Is a beautifull job...bless you

    -- siri kartar kaur
  • Your voice has this special magic that penetrate and shines through the deepest sorrow of my heart.

    -- Wenjia
  • May she live forever. Her voice and spirit is indescribable brings such joy, peace....

    -- ojw
  • May she live forever. Her voice and spirit is indescribable brings such joy, peace....

    -- Barbra
  • tkank you

    -- Amilcar Brunazo Filho
  • Krishna Kaur is such a great inspiration for me. Her voice is deep, speeks of devotion and love for our Creator. Thank you Beautiful Mama.

    -- Lovie
  • Happy Bithday. Krishna Kaur. Your beauty shines forth and is an inspiration to all. Sat Nam. Love and Light to You from Siem Reap Cambodia. Siri Atma Kaur

    -- Siri Atma Kaur
  • Wounderful!

    -- Jiwan Shakti Kaur
  • Heart opening Uplifting

    -- Siri Shakti
  • A fabulous teacher. Am SO enjoying the forgiveness meditation.

    -- Kathy Wing
  • she is a inspiration and a example of strength, compassion, wise and enjoy

    -- Hari Dev Kaur
  • she is my marlene dietrish of kundalini love hear her

    -- satbir
  • Incredible! Much gratitude for this woman for her support x

    -- Ana Wilkinson
  • Great singer

    -- Tamm
  • Divine Vocal Vibrations!

    -- Susan
  • Amazing!

    -- Hari Kirin
  • Beautiful vocals,lyrics, and music composition! Love every song of devotion.

    -- Rita Rose Wilson
  • Krishna is a treasure. I am so happy that she made this album.

    -- Sheila Abrahams
  • FINALLY we hear the magic of Krishna Kaur. Thank you, thank you!! Amazing!!

    -- sk
  • Her voice took my breath away when she opened up for the Snatam Kaur concert in 7/13. It's so nice to hear a powerful Black woman chant!!!

    -- Ali D.
  • Love her music

    -- Marlene
  • WOW - I've never known this mixture of music to exist (Soul, Gospel, and Mantra). Perfection!

    -- Tiffany
  • Wow, my respect for such a woman. My respect and light

    -- Tere Hita
  • I have been waiting for this for so many years! Well done, Krishna - you feed the hunger of my soul. Thank you, thank you, and Sat Nam!

    -- Shanti Kaur Khalsa
  • Krishna is truly an inspiring example and true servant of God

    -- Paramdev Kaur (Darcia)
  • Tears at the sound of this beautiful soul's voice. What a gift she is to us all.

    -- Magdalena
  • She is beautiful, and Wonderful!!!

    -- Nam Rattan Kaur
  • My beloved teacher and inspirational leader!

    -- Cynthia Peele
  • WOW!I was just blown away. I love to hear new artist and Krishna Kaur is an amazing gem. absolutly beautiful.

    -- Harmanjeet
  • She is awesome! My Folish Mind says it all. What else does one need? Thank you

    -- Sharon
  • Magnificent! Dancing with Joy with One Creator by Krishna Kaur. A Blessed Gem. Sat Nam. Wahe Guru.

    -- Patricia
  • I'm so glad to have found your music. I look forward to hearing more from you.

    -- Lori
  • Finally it's here! I have been awaiting for the album with great excitement and anticipation since Summer Solstice 2013. And listening to Rakhe Rakhan Har takes me back to the Tantric days as this song was played during the breaks. Amazing, so soulful, beautiful and enchanting. Thank you!

    -- Marina
  • awesomely amazing! I'm currently enrolled in a Kundalini Yoga class with one of her graduates, 'Wanda" at Baldwin Hills OASIS. Thank you for being her for us!

    -- Madeleine