Born in Washington DC, DJ Krishan began banging on drums at the age of 6 thus beginning a deep love affair with rhythm and beat. Growing up in a home surrounded by music he was mesmerized by the fusion of different ethnic cultures’ music styles. “I would get in trouble all the time for digging through my parents record collection when they weren’t looking. I would have records strewn out across the floor. I was completely captivated by all of the different sounds that could be made,” Krishan recounts. After spending 4 1/2 years in India traveling all over the country with a small spiritual music group Krishan landed in Santa Fe, New Mexico just as the rave scene was kicking into full gear. At 19 he bought his first pair of turntables and by 21 was playing along side world-renowned DJ’s as Bad Company and Nigel Richards. In 2003 Krishan started his Producing career and has since added his magical touch to over 15 albums and many other projects including “Snatam Live in Concert” and “Limitless Light” by famed songwriter Ramez Iskander. Today Krishan runs his production company Open Mind Creations and when he’s not out playing shows he is almost always in the studio writing new music, remixing tracks, or producing the next up and coming artist. Krishan’s live DJ shows are wildly entertaining and incorporate massive amounts of originals, remixes and live played samples all fused together in what can only be called a journey that takes the mind, body, and spirit for a ride.


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  • Very Good Album

    -- Neo
  • Love Liquid mantras

    -- dev shabad
  • Krishan's work is amazing!

    -- Laurel Hobbs
  • I want to comment on Krishan and this item. I think they are both superb! Krishan is very talented and I love the stuff he does. This CD is amazing and I want to share it with everyone I know, unfortunately I do not know a ton of people familiar with kundalini yoga music. But I do LOVE this CD!

    -- Laurel Hobbs
  • Great!

    -- Siri Kar
  • I love his music!!!

    -- Brenda Arambula
  • good

    -- estrud
  • great fusion, full of energy

    -- Phyllis
  • Love it, will definitely purchase CD.

    -- Bernadette Ferguson
  • Love alot of these tracks! As a teacher, would LOVE to have extended versions of dance-type KY music - almost all of the kriyas that include a dance segment - want us all to dance for at least 9 minutes. I've found that having to play 2 - 4.5 minute tracks disrupts the rhythm. Please artists! More 9 minute remixes!!! <3

    -- Sahiba Kaur
  • Lovable, aswesome and so cool thank you!

    -- @FritzMona
  • Just what I need! My kind of music. Thank you!

    -- Christine
  • Wahe Guru!

    -- Sat Akal Kaur
  • Love this.

    -- Michelle
  • Beautiful and energeticly FULL of light. Movement inspiring.

    -- Patrice Pike
  • love the remixes! fun to workout/run to mantras with a beat.

    -- Jaipreet Kaur (Stacie)
  • AWESOME MIX!!!! WOW!!! Thankoo!!! :-)

    -- Satori
  • I LOVE this new album, Krishan is a brilliant producer!

    -- Sanpreet Kaur (Rickie)