Kevin James

Kevin James is a humble musician whose songsreach out and touch the hearts of many. Kevin's music is a world fusion of chanting.

Weaving ancient Mantra's from various traditions with his own prayers and hearts song, Kevin James' anthemic songs are an effective platform to dissolve the ego, reconnect to the heart and co-create a positive vibration for the world.

Kevin draws upon influences from traditional Indian Kirtan, Bhajans, Celtic and Sufi chants mixed with western folk sounds and world instruments. Leading singing circles in and around Byron Bay NSW Australia for the last 7 years, Kevin and Mel's regular events are well known as an integral part of the vibrant alternative culture that so many people travel there to experience.

He and his partner Mel Dobra, now travel the world sharing the experience of these heart opening circles... Most of his songs are in English or the ancient language of Sanskrit with interpretations woven in. They are simple, yet have a fathomless depth with universal truths and a heartfelt devotion. The intention and philosophy expressed in his songs reflects what he calls, "The evolution of an emerging culture of awareness."

"There is a renaissance of people who are more interested in celebrating what we all have in common rather than focus on our differences."

Regardless of your religious or philosophical beliefs, you can find a commonality or kinship with the music of Kevin James and a respect for all paths to God or self-awareness.

"I believe we are taking a huge leap in consciousness, things are changing so fast for everyone and now is the time when it can be beneficial for us to look back, in order to move forward. Devotional singing has been a part of almost every culture and religion of the world throughout recorded history. It reconnects us to our centre, brings balance and peace to the mind and a break from the ego. By devoting our attention to a greater power than the conceptual self, we can expand our awareness beyond the ego, to enter the bliss of the heart."

Kevin plays guitar and sings and Mel plays the Harmonium to accompany his guitar and flute. Mel's sweet harmonies add an extra dimension as she guides the group in overlapping choruses.

Kevin believes it's all about holding space and being an empty vessel for every one to unite or unify.

"Within every song there is room for freedom. Where the different choruses can overlap and it's my intention to lead the group to a point where there is no leader anymore. A space where everyone is guided by their own heart, where we are all singing as one voice. This leaves the participants feeling empowered and part of a unified whole."




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Kevin James

  • Love Kevin's music. When I do my housework, I play it and such a flow happens that I get it all done 'having fun'

    -- Inner Self Guidance Cards
  • When Kevin sings the energy he shares reminds me of how to 'live the words, live the connection'. My heart melts and I feel One with everyone and everything. So much love and gratitude.

    -- Lin Bell
  • His music is of this time and place ... all that is and all that could be. So much Gratitude

    -- David Miller