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Karma MoffettKarma Moffett is a San Francisco based artist and musician. He has made his mark with his creative skills through music, oil painting, graphics, sculptures, hand-made musical instruments and exquisite jewelry. His music features set of twenty-four Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tibetan Longhorns, Hand Bells, Tingsha Cymbals, Conch Shells, Drums and Bone Horn Trumpets. The 24 bowls were selected for their purity and clarity of sound and the tones that are produced by the metals energizes the listener's soul and creates an inner harmony.

Most of Karma Moffett's music are designed to activate and harmonize the Chakra system and dissolve the listener into a soothing and pleasing stillness. He performs three ceremonies per week in his studio at San Francisco. He has toured throughout the USA and Germany and enthralled al the listeners with his power of creativity and music,. He has been commissioned to perform at the Himalayan Fair for the past eight years, the Chinese Mood Festival, the Festival of Harps, Open Secret Bookstore, East West Bookstore, the Land of the Medicine Buddha. In all ceremonies, Karma Moffett have charmed all listening mind by playing his collection of instruments like Native American flute, silver flute, keyboards, guitars, harp, drums and such others. He has contributed his music in films like "Dragon" and "Deep Rising".




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Karma Moffett

  • Great music , very balancing and sweet like heaven...

    -- odell
  • I heard your music in my yoga class and it was so haunting agley beautiful. I loved the calm energy and the deep peaceful resonance. Thank y

    -- Diane Sommers
  • His music is hauntingly beautiful. I usually listen to it while meditating. I truly touches my heart.

    -- Karen Hoye
  • He is wonderful! I received a marvelous healing during his event at BodyWorks Yoga in Petaluma last night. Thank you Karma.

    -- Shirley Smith