A beach girl from Brazil now calling South Florida home, Karina Skye started singing before she could even speak.At the age of 12 she recorded her first acoustic solo album in Brazil.Her first job was as a singer at a restaurant. At the age of restaurant. At the age of 20 Karina made the move to the United States to study musical theatre and pursue her career as a musician.Karina's new life in America presented her with enormous challenges.Karina desperately turned to Yoga and meditation as her source of strength And through Yoga Karina was able to turn her life around. Today she is a certified experienced yoga teacher, E-RYT500 and KRI, being trained in Sivananda, Kundalini, Raja Yoga as well as Hatha practices such as Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Restorative and lyengar.As Karina grew, so did her music, Her passion and awareness spilled into her lyrics. She began towrite what she called "purposeful music". But it wasn't until her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, that she began to deeply understand the power of music and its effects on our subconscious mind. During that year Karina was inspired to write her album "Be The Light" where she translated mantras and yoga philosophy into poetic lyrics and melodies to heal and inspire. Karina sees the importance of music in shaping our society and uses her tools responsibly.                                 


Today, she is a successful recording artist and has worked writing songs for many producers from Ireland, UK, Brazil, US,South Africa and more. Her works range from electronic genres, to rock,but it is through her solo acoustic music that Karina can express and share her inner truth at its best. Blending mantra and yoga music with folk, light rock, new age, and Brazilian Rhythms, Karina is a "One Woman Band" playing every instrument including Guitar, Flute, & Exotic Percussion. Her shows are very inspiring and often paired with a Yoga workshop. Karina's mission is to bring light and inspiration to the world, be it through music or yoga.





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Karina Skye