Karan was born into the Kundalini Yoga community and is now devoted to sharing the transformative teachings of Kundalini Yoga and the beautiful music of its sacred mantras through her company, Spirit Voyage. She lives between Purcellville, VA with her son and Melbourne, Australia with her fiance, and manages Spirit Voyage from both sides of the globe with her business partner Hargobind Singh.  Wherever she travels, though, Karan says that her heart's home will always be India.




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Karan Khalsa

  • Mind blowing

    -- hemanta bag
  • I like it

    -- Louise Tessier
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  • it's a most important issues for many peaple in the world

    -- Clara
  • graceful

    -- Clara
  • great

    -- sylvie
  • Awesome

    -- SD KHALSA
  • Hermosa voz. Me encanta!

    -- Anna Costas
  • Mera Man Loche Aad Such is beautifully sung by Karan Khalsa.

    -- Leonne
  • Excellent

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  • good

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  • Ok

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  • Peaceful energy

    -- Mei
  • thank you

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  • It's wonderful, thank you very much!!!

    -- Petra Mei├čner
  • Karan's vision as an author and careful attention to making the Kundalini Transformation Kit book series so beautiful is amazing!

    -- Ramdesh Kaur