Jai Kartar

Jai Kartar is a singer songwriter of soulful and tender sacred songs and music from the UK, now living in The Netherlands. She has created two albums, Golden in 2011 and Beloved in 2014, both are expressions from the deep, with a feeling and tenderness that will touch your heart.

Jai, through life’s early experiences was given the ability to feel into the depths of her emotions, although challenging initially, it began through music to find its resonance and with her second album, was able to offer words from that place, offering a richer experience and authenticity. She also tours and shares her music all over the world. 

Jai Kartar also through her many years experience as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a psychotherapist, specialising in Family Constellations, Tantric wisdom teacher and dance facilitator, she has distilled this experience into one form, using creative energy and expression in a particular way to fall in love with oneself. She also works with women using this process and individuals, locally and internationally and via Skype.





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Jai Kartar

  • I love this album! Beautiful! Thank you ?

    -- Helenhttp://www.endoyoga.com
  • Aw, I love this track! Soothing and empowering at the same time. Thank you!

    -- Swix
  • Just excellent as always. Thank you and stay blessed

    -- Siaw
  • Love her voice, so soothing. Beautiful and meditative :)

    -- Christina
  • Thankyou, going yi lusten right now. Sat Nam

    -- sat guru singh
  • marvelos

    -- praveen gulati
  • :)

    -- Tania
  • I just love it! Thank you for sharing it! Jai Jai Ma Sat Nam and blessings

    -- Harikirtan
  • Love

    -- roushttp://rousbaltrons.com
  • wonderful song

    -- Sigi
  • Fantastic!

    -- Nic Kolbe
  • Gracias!

    -- Daleep Kaur
  • Eine sehr schöne Geschichte ;-)

    -- Jörg
  • Thank you for this beautiful music. Namaste

    -- Mary C.
  • Satnaam All A truly beautiful album Golden, filled with peaceful, blissful, healing vocals and vibrations. when Jai Kartar sings you can FEEL the love pouring out from her vocals. I play this album in class and the Ra Ma Da Sa track and the Ardas Bahee and Bountiful, Blissful and Beautiful all get regular play and the students ask who this is by and go and buy it themselves!;) A great buy will heal and open your heart with love, peace and upliftment. Love

    -- Harsukh Kaur http://www.kysouthall.co.uk
  • I love her crazy awesome and want to give her my books and or meditation CD. ;)

    -- Kim Caldwellhttp://togetherpublishing.com/
  • Jai Kartar's vocals go straight to my heart, I've been listening to Golden since it came out and it makes me smile on the inside. Looking forward to hearing more from this very talented artist.

    -- Gurubachan Kaurhttp://ellenweissbuch.blogspot.com.es/
  • BEAUTIFUL !!!!

    -- donna galluzzo
  • I heard her play live at the yoga festival, it was so beautiful, I cried!

    -- Jenny
  • I really like... When in mp3?

    -- Puran Singh