Jagroop Kaur, was born in Peru - Lima. Since her childhood she felt a strong sensibility to colors, music and energy. That was accentuated when her father passed away when she was just 7 years old. Colors and harmony were part of her life through forms and sensations, so she decided to study Design. After giving birth to her only child she decided to study Bioenergetic Therapy and was during that time that she learned about the Kundalini energy, which later on turned her into a Kundalini Yoga instructor. Among her classes Jagroop Kaur teaches workshops with music and kirtan giving their pupils peace, harmony, transformation and healing by deeper and subtler levels of existence on Earth. She has seen transformation in her students through mantra science and Kundalini Yoga, so her desire is to expand those experiences around the world so that more peace and harmony may be reached. With this contribution of SHAKTI, she may carry and transmit energy to transform others and to make more empowered human beings with harmony, inner peace and love though out the planet, so we may become a source of unity and good feelings.




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Jagroop Kaur