Sat Devbir Singh, Dr. Divinity, Kundalini Yoga teacher & Teacher Trainer at Yoga West Los Angeles, and CEO of Chateau Singh company, is an international teacher, speaker, and healer. His love of music began at a very early age and he immediately began performing in various choirs, bands, and contests. He wrote and performed his first song, "You're my Strength", about God, at age 14. Shortly after completing Kundalini Yoga teacher training, he shared melodic mantra ideas with his talented friends, Jack and William, who immediately responded and jumped in on the project.  Nearly 10 years later, we bring you "We Are Sound"!

Jack Dill attended Baldwin Wallace College Conservatory of Music, and has been writing & producing music since he was a teen. His soaring vocals never fail to inspire, and he can pick up nearly any instrument on a whim. Music has been the driving force and guiding light of his life. 

William Scott attended Berklee College of Music, and is now a studio guitarist, teacher, and professional sound engineer. With a diverse catalog of clients, his expertise and unique way of hearing the Spirit of sound makes him an invaluable resource to the world of music. 







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