Hans Christian

Producer, Composer, Engineer, and Musician all under one hat. Hans Christian's work in all of these capacities has been documented on countless recording projects, from his participation as a cellist, bass player or multi-instrumentalist, to his collaborations with other artists as a producer and engineer, and to his works as a composer of solo recordings and of RASA's CDs.

Hans Most of Hans' musical life was spend in recording studios- from first recordings at age 16 with a local flamenco group called Duo Flamenco in his home town Hannover, Germany; to recordings in Hamburg at the famous Deutsche Gramophon studios and a local facility called Studio Hafenklang. From there he went to Hollywood to pursue a life as bassist and cellist, performing and recording first with local underground bands and later with popular artists (Robbie Robertson, Sparks, Toni Childs, Gene Clark, and others). Picking up clues from recognized producers T-Bone Burnett, Chad Blake, Daniel Lanois, Mitchel Froom (all of whom he met during sessions) and others, Hans developed a foundation for his work as a composer, producer, and engineer.

His first instrument being the cello, Hans' musicality evolved around Western classical music. Technique and discipline were the building blocks for his musical education, although these were quickly augmented with his choice of the bass guitar as a second instrument (and leading to the subsequent immersion in rock music). The foundation for a rich musical career was thus prepared. His interest in World Music, especially from India, led him to pick up the Indian sarangi and sitara (a small customized sitar) and the Scandinavian nyckelharpa. Hans has played on countless albums, given hundreds of concerts, and produced many projects, including his collaborations with Kim Waters under the name RASA and several recent solo recordings.

Recent projects include new solo instrumental releases called Undefended Heart, Sancta Camisia and Cinema Of Dreams and two new releases with RASA- Temple Of Love and Saffron Blue. His work as a producer and mix engineer keep him busy with ongoing projects throughout the country, ranging stylistically from classical and folk to electronic and Indian devotional music. Hans also recently signed with Banshee Music as a staff composer for TV and advertising.




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Hans Christian

  • sencillamente precioso

    -- Mamen
  • truly beautiful. soulful. restful.

    -- betsy
  • More please!

    -- sky
  • Lovely...

    -- Vivian B. Quattlebaum
  • Soften Your Heart from Hans Christian is the kind of track that can drive real change within your yoga flow or for those moments when you need some alone time where you unplug from the electronic word to find the depth talent within Hans Christian's lasted offering. On or off the yoga mat and into life. The treasures from the rest of this release are waiting to find you. Discribed at times as new age meets Indian Cellio is a limited view of this talented composer, producer and multi-talented musician who continues to expand beyond labels.

    -- DJ Mantra Jihttp://www.djmantraji.com
  • Beautiful music!!

    -- C├ęsar
  • love this album

    -- janice brookshttp://hans christian