Joseph Michael Levry, PhD, DD, MSIE

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry's work is an invitation to discover the intense and pure inner life of an authentic spiritual Master who, at the dawn of the 21st century, is bringing a renewal to spirituality. A tireless and dedicated teacher, writer, and lecturer, Dr. Levry, who is also known by his spiritual name, Gurunam, has traveled extensively and continuously in the United States, Europe, and Asia for over three decades. By adopting such a rigorous travel schedule both here and abroad, Dr. Levry has been able to introduce many to the divine spiritual wisdom as well as tune the frequency of the countries he visits to a higher level of vibration. To this end, he travels 9 months out of the year, focusing on New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, France, Spain and the UK. Whether traveling, or at home in New York or Los Angeles, Dr. Levry corresponds with thousands of people of every race and religion, guiding them through the process of self-healing and the realization of meaningful careers, healthy relationships, and life-long dreams.

Since the age of 12, Dr. Levry has been trained in the esoteric art sand sciences and initiated into many spiritual orders, through which he learned the science of Kabbalah. In his books and lectures, he illuminates Kabbalistic symbols that were once kept secret within the doctrines of Judaism, Christianity, and other religions. Time and time again, he has earned the trust of even the most skeptical through his precise diagnosis of physical ailments, and unique ability to see and analyze the energy field. After 30 years of study, research, and teaching, Dr. Levry has created a unique synthesis of the powerful teachings of Kabbalah and Naam yoga that helps people avoid adversity and improve their lives, the proof of which is revealed in the testimonials of those he has worked with. Believing that nothing is done by chance, and that one can rewrite his or her destiny through the knowledge and application of this divine spiritual wisdom, Dr. Levry is able to reach all who come to him with a willingness to actively initiate and participate in their own healing.

Dr. Levry hasestablished a healing center in New York, Universal Force HealingCenter, of which he is the CEO. True to his vision, Universal ForceHealing Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to philanthropic activities that serve humankind, as well as healing individuals by uplifting them from the sufferings of life. In turn, of course, these individuals are then better able to positively contribute to society in both large and small ways. The institution is not only committed to intellectual and spiritual development but is also dedicated to providing a healing sanctuary for the average man or woman.

In addition to establishing Universal Force Healing Center, Dr. Levryis also the president of Rootlight, Inc., a publishing, production, and consulting company that produces sacred music and books thatreflect the sacred teachings. In his various CDs and books Dr.Levry, like traditionalists, presents Universal Kabbalah as a way to know the unknown and see the unseen forces that govern our lives. Moreover, he offers a wealth of Kabbalah and Naam Yoga exercises and meditations that allows one to strengthen the nervous system, balance the glandular system, renew the blood, merge with the higher worlds, and improve life. He has also developed Harmonyum, a transcendental healing system born out of Universal Kabbalah. The "Harmonyum Healing System" activates the original seed and awakens the threefold soul, born of the threefold spirit, from the threefold body into self consciousness and self knowledge.

Regarding the name Gurunam
Gurunam is a spiritual name given by Yogi Bhajan, master of White Tantric and Kundalini yoga. "Gu" stands for darkness or duality and "ru" stands for light or divinity. "Nam" means the power of the spoken word or sound. "In principio erat verbum et verbum erat apud Deum, et Deus erat verbum. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God." The name Gurunam represents a person who uses the power of the word or sound to bring light into people's lives.




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Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry

  • I would like to buy this cd but digital. How can I get it digital?

    -- Mauricio Navarro
  • Hermoso mantra

    -- jose ramos
  • I think the very best

    -- Valeria Guido
  • Amazing teacher. I was introduced to his music through my Kundalini yoga teacher. I love the CDs and his books. A master !!!

    -- Tracy
  • extraordinario quisiera conocerlo, solo habla mi corazon, pues escucho sus canciones que son como dos en youtobe pues no cuento con la facilidad para adquirir sus albums, pero puro amor y me genera paz, equilibrio y amor lo amo con todo respeto maestro joseph que hermoso canta.

    -- aida
  • just found this triple mantra on my facebook site and love how this energy flows thru the sound into my hands lovely!

    -- Christiane G.
  • awesome!

    -- susan johnson
  • Awesome

    -- Beverly
  • Amazing! His version of I Am is recorded love and peace that sings to my soul when I hear it.

    -- Anlla
  • I have a met someone in Mexico who has been under the teachings of Gurunam for the lst 4 years or so and her Life was changed completely since then. This person has also taught me the basic principle of Naam and the Kabbalah. I can now say, I see the Light, I feel the Peace and I can touch Love. I can't wait to get deeper into the Naam. Thank you.

    -- Jason Renoux
  • Dr. Levry does not make junk! I have ten of his albums...they're so awesomely addictive. Healing Fire is great...especially the 4th track.

    -- David
  • Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry is undoubtedly the best yogi and Kabbalah master in the world right now! he is amazing!

    -- samatha bell
  • He's a fraud

    -- C. Pabers
  • Yes, I am interested!

    -- Henry
  • Naam Yoga is a special style of Yoga which merges the discipline of Kabbalah with the postures and breathing practices of Yoga. It is fantastic!

    -- MacKintosh Viney
  • He is one of the most incredible Kabbalah master I know. Kabbalah is always misunderstood by people but Dr. Joseph Michael Levry has really cleared a lot of misconceptions.

    -- Karl Button
  • I have read a couple of books of Dr. Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry. I found most of the points mentioned by him very enlightening. Overall his books and classes are fantastic I must say!

    -- David Chapman
  • j'aime beaucoup :-)

    -- simrat
  • Dear Gurunam, it was a pleasure and fantastic time sharing light with you and with all in the class last saturday in Mexico City. Love from Mexico D.Forseck

    -- Sandra Daniela Forseck
  • querido maestro he leidosobre usted y sobre su filosofia , hace tiempo que busco un maestro espitual vivo para que me pueda ayudar a despetar conciencia ¿ podria usted ayudarme ... yo vivo en malaga andalucia , conoce ustes algunguro ak que pueda ayudarme conteteme cuando pueda , es muy importante para mi .. besoss mi tlf 616788561

    -- maribel
  • Just started reading some of his books and love them. Love the music and chanting too.

    -- Helen Simpson
  • I love the way you play and chant. I love you

    -- Suzana
  • Sat Nam, Is that possible to download this CD by MP3 format? Thanks

    -- zuhal ozyurt
  • I heard this beautiful version of "I Am" for the first time in my yoga class last weekend. It was one of those moments during my yoga practice that I will never forget. Sat Nam.

    -- Suzanne
  • All of his work is exceptionally moving of body mind and spirit. Listen and be open to clarity and removal of obstacles.

    -- michelle
  • Gurunam's work is great. I ordered the complete CD collection and love it! Simply the best.

    -- Mrs. Bernadette Preston-Aquil