Gurumukh Mark Harris first trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in the 70’s, and began applying yogic and other principles to his professional music performance. A founder of one of the seminal San Francisco Bay Area New Age Bands, Rhythm & Bliss. Rhythm & Bliss live performances were based on Kundalini Yoga, and Gurumukh’s Masters Thesis work “On The Use of Music as a Healing Art”. African, Latin, Jazz, Folk, and both Native American, and Hindu Indian traditions were featured in R&B’s music and some of that influence carried over into the Patient One. Rhythm & Bliss performances were designed to musically move up the chakras facilitating  a transformative entertainment experience. Rhythm & Bliss enjoyed 4 incarnations, numerous live performances in concerts and festivals, before dissolving in the early 90’s.

The Patient One is Gurumukh’s first production since Rhythm & Bliss’ only album The Magic is Back. Retraining as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher with Krishna Kaur in 2008, supplementing a career in addictions / mental health / cultural recovery. The music stems from African based music genre’s, and African wisdom traditions and spirituality. The versions of the Aquarian Sadhana mantras were developed and first played on tour on a West African yatra taken with Krishna Kaur in 2011.  The title track, The Patient One, adequately sums up the process of bringing this music project to fruition: Patience is Bitter, but its Fruit is Sweet, You get stronger and stronger the more you eat from it.




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Gurumukh Mark Harris