Gurudass Kaur

Gurudass Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and musician whose strong and powerful vocals mirror her amazing spirit. She is a very gifted singer and musician. Her beautiful and powerful voice has the gift to uplift and expand the mind into a pure state of bliss.  She is often heard signing and playing in many well-known Kundalini Yoga music recordings.

Gurudass Kaur has been a teacher of Kundalini Yoga since 1972.  She opened the first Kundalini Yoga School in Barcelona, Spain in 1978 and has been an active teacher trainer in Europe for many years. Her big heart and gift with people have placed her on the forefront of many 3HO events, both in Europe and the USA.

Gurudass Kaur presently lives in Northern Virginia and is the mother of two beautiful (grown up) children.




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Gurudass Kaur

  • Amazing album & so full of the energy of the naad.

    -- Amanjot Singh & Kaur
  • Excellent and clear diction for the beginner! Perfect pitch with lovely vibratory chanting. I love it

    -- evelyn
  • relaxant i espirit

    -- jaon_zen
  • i love her and want to buy the DVD

    -- anita bernkopf
  • I love very much Gurudass Kaur. I really want to buy the DVD mantras in motion. Kisses

    -- Jayme Ubirici Lehugeur
  • Love it

    -- Bonte.natalie
  • Powerful

    -- Ella
  • An inspiration, thank you ji!

    -- Saraswati Kaur
  • good

    -- vidji
  • me encanta

    -- Krishan Kaur
  • beautifulle!!!

    -- Izabela
  • Beauty with Grace and a voice like an angel, We met some years ago, my name is Siri Atma from the UK? I now teach yoga in Belgium for the last 4yrs hope we meet again one day. May God and Guru Bless You and your family. I will definatly purchase this album, Sat Nam Siri Atma Kaur

    -- SiriAtma Kaurhttp:/
  • After being at the yogafestival in france where I bought Lovingly I listen to her music daily and it opens my heat and connets me with my 2500 brothers and sisters who where there every time. I loved the way she did yoga with the children. I love you so much Gurudass kaur!!! Sat Nam

    -- Melanie
  • really enjoying mantras in motion x x x x x x

    -- susanna
  • Es una mujer muy amorosa, desprende amor por donde va, paz y felicidad comunica con sus cantos y mucha paz en el alma, una gran Formadora de mantras y meditaciĆ³n en kundalini yoga

    -- sotantar kaurhttp://barcelona-spain
  • Dear Mantra in Motion buyers, Thanks so much to those who have already purchased this DVD. I just wanted to comment on the comments I have received. The idea behind the CD that comes with the DVD was to record those two mantras that are not on any of the other CD's that Spirit Voyage already sells. The idea behind not having a booklet was that we put everything on screen. Just wanted to let you all know that we did think this through and felt that this was the best was to offer this product. All the mantras on the DVD can be found on the CD's Circle of Light, Longing to Belong, Adi Shakti and Asank Nav. Lovingly, Gurudass Kaur!

    -- Gurudass Kaur