Guru Vir Kaur is a spiritual singer, a healer, a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. She teaches students and teachers in the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program of Amrit Nam Sarovar School under the guidance of Karta Singh.

Guru Vir Kaur is a beautiful gifted angel with warm pure voice, who touches your heart once and forever. Her incredible music wakes up your soul with Master's touch, gives you deep feeling of naad, fills you with love, healing, compassion and prayer. Tears will run down your face because of understanding, whatever happens, no matter how dark is around, there is always light in your soul and it can burn all shadows of your ego and illuminate the way back home to your eternal essence. So follow your light with divine music of Guru Vir Kaur.





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Guru Vir Kaur

  • peaceful, very peaceful.

    -- Guru Gopal Kaur
  • A deeply moving profound voice with such authenticity.

    -- yogidevi ma'at
  • She has it. To me she sings in the Naad and makes it very enjoyable to join in the chant. I think many traditionalists will enjoy her vocal arrangements. Thank you.

    -- Paul Knight
  • I love her voice and interpretation. It is engaging vibration inducing meditative state. Thank you.

    -- anna madejak