Guru Shabad SinghGuru Shabad Singh Khalsa has inspired thousands of yoga teachers, their students and their student's students for over twenty-seven years with his long line of heartfelt songs and yogic chants and mantras.His music has been sung and chanted in temples and yoga centers around the world. Other artists have recorded Gurushabd's music, most notably a European group who made Sa Re Sa Sa a huge disco hit in Italy!Guru Shabad Singh resides in Espanola, New Mexico and La Jolla, California.He owns a successful natural foods company that produces all natural and organic frozen foods under his Wheatstone brand in health food markets across the US and Canada. He is also the Founder and owner of Tenth Gate Music, a record label that he and other notable musicians record under.




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Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa

  • It make my heart peace.

    -- Apple Zheng
  • lovely, warm, spiritual, caressing God, God caressing me Thank you for this beautiful music !

    -- Barbara
  • Thank you for this beautiful track . and thank you for al the beautiful free tracks every week._/|\_

    -- Maria
  • I saw him at Sat Nam Fest just this weekend (2015) and, wow, how sweetly I cried in the beauty of lovingness.

    -- sabrina
  • Amazing and beautiful. What a gift of the spirit.

    -- Kathleen Lake
  • Amazing and beautiful. What a gift of the spirit.

    -- K Lake
  • Amazing and beautiful. What a gift of the spirit.

    -- K.M. Lake
  • Canta hermoso y su voz me llena de mucha paz interior. Alegra mi alma

    -- YOLANDA TERRAZAShttp://Spirit Voyage
  • Preciosa

    -- Rous Baltrons
  • so pure...

    -- Andrea Hentzen
  • His music is so touching always has been. Every year he is the anchor for chanting to Guru Ram Das on GRD birthday-I never miss it...ever!

    -- Sarb Jit Kaur
  • His voice goes right into my heart. Thanks for your inspiration JI. Rajwant Khalsa

    -- Rajwanthttp://http:/
  • Fantástica interpretación!

    -- José Pérez
  • Guru Shabad Singh's "Wha Yantee" from the Ong album is one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard. Wish these songs were on iTunes!

    -- KD
  • pure and nature

    -- junjiang
  • Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa es uno de mis artistas preferidos en los sadhanas, siempre me gustan. Gracias

    -- Lakhmi Chand Singh
  • J'aime sa voix, sa musique et je fais son mantra à tous les jours. Satnam

  • I am a kundalini yoga teacher. This is one of my favorite music albums!!

    -- Amanda May
  • Maravillosa interpretacion de sa re sa sa!!!!

    -- Lilia O
  • Guru Shabad still makes the best sadhana tunes... since forever, since echoes of the past

    -- pritam hari kaur khalsa
  • What I love about Guru Shabad's music is that, not only is it beautiful and inspiring, it's thoroughly singable by those of us who are non-musicians, an important factor for a teacher to consider when using in yoga classes.

    -- Manvir S.
  • excellent

    -- Siri jot kaur
  • there is something special about this recording, it takes you into another world, and is to this day 20 years later one of my number ones, tied with Sa Re Sa Sa

    -- Dharma
  • I find Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa's music to be quite healing..It really has a deep restorative quality that penetrates , and always leaves me feeling so calm and centered.

    -- Mary A
  • My favorites mantras I'm feel inspiration whith his intrerpretations

    -- Alicia Sandoval
  • Echoes from the past is probably the best sadhana album. Sa Re Sa Sa & Pavan Pavan are simple but beautiful and there are lots of meditations that go with them. Ajai Alai is also soft & sweet

    -- hargobind