GuruMeher has helped thousands of people transform their personal and professional lives through teaching yoga, life coaching and public speaking. He works privately with individuals and does workshops in the business and yogic communities. As a public speaker, he introduces larger audiences to the benefits of mind-body-spirit training in a genuine and passionate way. A master yogi, he has taught and trained teachers for over 25 years. He also offers tele-courses and webinars to help people transform pain into peace through Soul Answer University.

Creator of “Senses of the Soul”, he has currently finished a book companion to his many courses. This incredibly simple and natural way to access your self-healing, inner guidance, and personal power has been called “the next evolution of therapy.”

In search of his own pursuit of fulfillment, GuruMeher turned down a scholarship to study physics at Cornell University. Along the way, he spent 10 years in sales and marketing at a natural foods company and owned a construction company. Originally a Southern boy, GuruMeher now lives with his family in Los Angeles, and enjoys traveling by plane and the web to meet and teach worldwide




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Guru Meher Khalsa