Studying with Gurudass is to enter a world of liberating concepts, along with his music and voice, will lead to a meditative experience of inner peace. It is an exceptional teacher who has the gift of explaining profound concepts in simple language that makes sense and touches your heart. Their motto is "Everyone deserves to be happy" and is what transmits in all classes and courses. His own experience and dedication to the pursuit of truth makes them capable of sharing their knowledge and wisdom with sincerity, freshness, humor and humanity.

The combination of his voice and guitar is one of the most powerful teaching tools, having a profound effect of opening the heart and elevate the mind.  Gurudass Singh met his spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan Ji, in November 1971 at the age of 17 years.

In 1977, his Master asked him to go to Barcelona (Spain) to introduce the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. Gurudass For 25 years he taught in Spain and a community of Kundalini Yoga teachers grew under his leadership. Gurudass addition to teaching has been a Tantric healer and numerologist with great success, publishing several books on the subject.

Gurudass In January 2001 a new phase in his life as a teacher. Yogi Bhajan asked him thereafter devoted exclusively to travel the world, taking his teaching and sharing his music. Yoguiji told to travel "to places where I can no longer go." In 2002 he left his home in Barcelona and made a personal pilgrimage to India 7 months, living and studying in a variety of sacred places, with teachers from different traditions. Since then he has traveled and taught among others in India, Chile, Argentina, USA, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Singapore, Britain, Sweden, France and Puerto Rico. Gurudass been visiting India since 1974 and has organized a number of Yatra (spiritual pilgrimages) in recent years.

In 2005 he organized the first Latin American yatra Kundalini yogis in India. Gurudass is a dedicated and talented musician who has written numerous  spiritual songs and beautiful melodies has given dozens of ancient sacred mantras. Their CDs are internationally known and heard in Kundalini Yoga classes around the world.

Gurudass is one of the teachers with more knowledge and experience of Kundalini Yoga in the world. He was recognized years ago by Yogi Bhajan and KRI as a trainer to teach Levels I and II training teachers of Kundalini Yoga. Member of Educational Committee of KRI (TTEC).

He was founder of the Spanish Association of Kundalini Yoga and European Yoga Festival 3HO, where he continued working and teaching each year.




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Guru Dass

  • great lyrics,bring on the love

    -- julia stout
  • este cd es realmente hermoso yo viví esta época y me la ase recordar todos mis sueños de juventud gracias por este regalo namaste

    -- susana falaschetti
  • satnam nada sabia de este maestro pero en clase de yoga escuche un tema y me atrapo hastaque no conseguisu cd no pare .es muy especialme atrapa su voz

    -- claudia
  • te amo Maestro!!!!!!!!!

    -- Ram Rattan Kaur
  • Akhan Jor blessings

    -- Guru Deep Kaur
  • I like so much thanks.

    -- yolanda torrado
  • His journey is to be celebrated ! You can feel his heart in each mantra and the heart of the universal mother and father !

    -- Tara
  • one of the greatest songwriters of our world family ever. And just like his song " Flowers in the Rain" his music will live forever, long past his last breath.

    -- Sat-Kartar Khalsa
  • It is such a beautiful music!! wonderful lyrics and good vibrations that goes directly to the heart

    -- Raj Kiran Kaur
  • I love yoga

    -- shiny
  • Wow great teacher and wonderful person. Love his music

    -- Hari Arti Kaur
  • An amazing teacher, such beautiful music, love it, sat nam.

    -- Mahanraj
  • I am so happy that Guru Dass is blessing us with more of his beautiful music! Wahe Guru!

    -- Gurufateh Kaur
  • guru dass, you are a wonderfull teacher and make so lovely music. my hands are open goes straight to my heart, want to listen all the time........thanks

    -- onni
  • Inspiring Music and Great Musician! Thank you.

    -- Pablo Castro