Gurmukh is the co-founder and co-director of Golden Bridge Nite Moon, Los Angeles' and New York City's premier center for the study and practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Since being baptized 42 years ago with the Sikh spiritual name that means "One who helps people across the world ocean," Gurmukh has dedicated her life to fulfilling her namesake. For more than four decades, students in Los Angeles and from around the world have sought out her classes in Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Pre- and Post-Natal care. She and Gurushabd have been married for 29 years, and they have a 28-year-old daughter who also lives in Los Angeles.

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Special Guest: Gurmukh Thursday, October 20, 2011




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  • I have this question. This video starts with a 24 minute vigorous shaking. Does anybody know how long should it be if you want to shorten the time of the shaking? 12 mins?

    -- Maria
  • Beautiful

    -- Carole Perez
  • Gurmukh is extraordinary. Just had a chance to learn from her at the International Yoga Festival in India.

    -- Jane Cavanaugh
  • Of course like most of us in California,I heard of Gurumukh from the celeb's that she helped ,but then I got her VHS tape of Kundalini yoga and I loved it,I had done Hatha etc. but she opened me to a new yoga practice,then when I moved to Colorado I was introduced to Snatam Kaur's music! I listen to it everyday and my family does Kundalini yoga now!! Namaste

    -- Rebecca Hughes at
  • Amazing woman

    -- Gloria
  • love her at Golden Bridge!

    -- Sandy Alletto
  • I'm just reading and transmitting the content of her book to my class. What i read in their eyes was gratitudine and happiness, thanks to "8 human talents". Tks to all. Tks god to my teacher jesus and Yogiji. Sat nam

    -- Prabhunam kaur
  • she is lovely and original and traditional master!

    -- mehena
  • I love the both inspiring - thank-you Edye Collier

    -- Edith Collier
  • There is no one like her!! Most beautiful and Divine soul!! My mentor

    -- Amrit Nam Kaur
  • love her DVD's and find hr to kind and full of wisdom

    -- nancy young
  • I was first introduced to kundalini yoga by someone who had mentioned Gurumukh's wonderful DVD!! as I live in ontario That is as close to Gurumukh I can get. I wish she lived in my neighbour hood!! Now i live in montreal still not close enough to her. so I am very dependant on all her DVD's on Kundalini!! SHE is still the best I will ever have in my life soooo lucky to at least have her DVD's I would have loved to join her classes!! or even to have met her. but We live too far away Oh well maybe she will move to my neighbour hood one day!!! that would be amazing!! Oh well thank god for her DVD's at least I can follow her that wAY! Much Love to all!! and thank you Gurumukh on behalf of the world For your precious gift to us all!! Thank you~

    -- Tanja VH
  • It's a blessing to learn yoga from Gurmukh, as a student or teacher of yoga.

    -- Stacie Dooreck (Jaipreet Kaur) SunLight Yoga
  • Gurmuch my beloved teacher and inspiration,for ever and ever. Esther Fasja

    -- Esther Fasja
  • Gurmukh was my introduction to Kundalini Yoga many years ago. She remains my favorite teacher; an inspiration

    -- Donna Shepper
  • Gurmukh is a fantastic teacher and inspirational human being

    -- Jennifer

  • is the best yoga teacher in the world she teaches the best kundalini yoga !

    -- Tanja