Los Angeles based duo Feather / Dot make electronic mantra music that blends rock with ambient psychedelia. Members Sanjay and Hargo each bring a unique perspective with their open enthusiasm for minimal electronic, and classical Indian music. Stepping into the studio was easy – Hargo (son of mantra pioneer Guru Shabad Singh - Sa Re Sa Sa) having already produced over 15 Mantra and Kirtan records for several labels, and Sanjay a veteran DJ of San Diego’s electronic music scene. The result is the duo’s vision of a new kind of mantra music — wide, groovy, emotional, and dance.

Their inspiration for Feather and Dot was born from a desire to bring together the hypnotic nature of mantra, the primal call of dance music, and the grandeur of rock. The duo is sharing this vision around the world, already playing stages at iconic festivals Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, Summer Solstice, India Surf Festival, etc. to a growing culture that is devouring spirituality, sensuality, electronic music, yoga, and empowerment.

As Kundalini Yoga icon Guru Singh once summed up the Feather & Dot sound:  “This is the best Mantra music I’ve heard in the 40+ years I’ve been doing this stuff!”




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