Ena Vie is a recording artist, poet, singer/songwriter, guitarist and a woman passtionate about honoring the earth and all beings upon it. Music, Medicine and Mantra have been cultivated within Ena since the early age of 4. Having been surrounded by music and the practice of devotional music her whole life, Ena was raised in a mega church that was created during the '70's, where she was infused with the love of surrender to the divine in services that she attended 3 to 4 times a week. After graduating from UCLA, Ena not only left her native California, she left her church and religion to explore the world and discover how others practice their relationship with the divine. Her travels took her all over the world where she visited or lived in nearly 14 countries. On one of many a soul searching journeys to the Hawaiian islands, Ena felt inspired to ground all that she had learned in her travels and obtained her Master's degree from Naropa University in Indigenous studies and Spiritual Psychology.


      It was in the Indigenous Mind Program that Ena Vie gained the opportunity to study the ancient rituals and ceremonies with Indigenous elders from around the globe. After spending years living in the Hawaiian islands, silent ashrams, European villages and the sacred city of Jerusalem, Ena began to weave together her many journeys for truth and connection with divinity through the guidance of these wise teachers. Her program led her to an Indigenous Elders conference in France, where she met a medicine man who introduced her to, and initiated her in, the Lakota ceremonies and rituals.


     Upon the completion of her apprenticeship, Ena returned to Santa Monica, CA to deepen her work in music and healing. She recorded and released her debut album, "from within", songs written about her life experiences. During this time of recording, releasing and promoting her album, Ena also played in many yoga studios, around Los Angeles. She noticed how powerful it was to sing her music of devotion while others were either responding in their yoga practice or through their voices at kirtans. It was in these studios that the songs for Ena Vie's latest album "Heart of Devotion" were cultivated, and now, in 2011 these songs are released. "Heart of Devotion" is a collection of mantras and prayers, both in Sanskrit and hebrew, of songs ena has sung for many years. The music and lyrics are a mix of traditional and some rewritten melodically and lyrically by Ena Vie.
     Ena's journey has brought her to find love, healing, rest and ease in the expression of her truest self, the essence of who she is. This essence is expressed most definitively in her music, as she channels her connection with the divine through each devotional song. She looks forward to meeting you in song and in person.




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Ena Vie

  • I am currently obsessed with her version of Sri Krishna from Heart of Devotion after hearing it on New World Kirtan. (Thanks Kitzie)

    -- Glen Ganawayhttp://ritualbooth.com