'Sadhana Samadhi is the debut album released by Divine Gurus; a South-African based collaboration between Haripal Kaur and Karanpal Singh. These mantras are ideal for concentration, contemplation and healing. A collection of uniquely inspired mantras for early morning meditation, known as Aquarian Sadhana in the Kundalini Yoga tradition. Music to create peaceful and deeply meditative states. Following on from their debut Sadhana album, Divine Gurus Music have another recording project lined up for 2014 and continue to promote and perform sacred devotional music and Naad Yoga across South Africa. For more info see their website www.divinegurus.com'




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Divine Gurus

  • divine

    -- akiko gunji
  • Uplifting, healing Naad!

    -- Siri Karm
  • Very beautiful music! Thank you so much for sharing.

    -- Terry O'Connor
  • Thank you very much for this album! Beautiful. I will never forget our early mornings sadhana with your music! Much Love!

    -- Irena Shanti