Dharmji has just released Angels of Awakening, a gorgous new album of sadhana chants, available at Spirit Voyage. Most mornings Dharm can be found chanting and playing at the sacred sadhana at the Mother Ashram in Espanola New Mexico. Dharmji's music combines the ancient sacred depth of India with the joy and spiritual friendliness of his roots in the West. 


Dharm was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and grew up in Massachusetts. His mother, who was an early USA yoga teacher, introduced him to yoga at eight years old. He took the name Dharm after meting his spiritual teacher, Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan, in 1982. Sacred music and the science of naad - the divine sound current - became his joy and focus after he began studying with Yogi Bhajan. 


He believes that sound is a teacher with the power to open us to divine consciousness and true potential. In his workshops he explains how vibration allows intention to permeate into manifestation, with the ability to bring health, harmony and happiness. On a planetary level, the vibratory frequency of sound can heal as well. Yet in all its depth and devotion, Dharmji’s music is joyous, and Dharmji himself conveys the joy of spirit contagiously.

He was the piano player for Yogi Bhajan at his Estates. “Playing for Yogi Bhajan was one of the greatest honors in my life. He asked me to be there every night, while he entertained guests from around the world.”  Dharm uses many instruments - keyboard, guitar as well as voice - but also bass, Native American flute, clarinet, sitar, recorder, tabla and hand percussion.


 “My latest project is combining piano with Gurbani kirtan and mantra. The piano is such an amazing instrument, but rarely used in kirtan. This is not raag. This is sacred Gurbani with pure new age piano.” The Angels of Awakening tour features piano with sitar, for an amazing combination that uplifts the spirit with sheer joy and deep happiness. 




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Dharm Khalsa

  • your songs are too good, please let me know who is the singer for wahe guru wahe jio, thank u, satnam :)

    -- Laju
  • love the eastern western mix vibe of these beautiful songs great for todays generation.

    -- gurvir kaur
  • An extremely talented artist whose work inspires and uplifts me every single time I hear his music and voice.

    -- AmaHai
  • An extrememly talented artist whose works inspire and uplift me every single time i hear his music.

    -- AmaHai