Deva Premal

Deva Premal grew up in Germany in a spiritual family where she was introduced at an early age to chanting and meditation. Her mother is a musician and her father an artist.

"My father has been on the spiritual path since the 50's, studying Yoga, spiritual scriptures and whatever books were available back then, making it his daily discipline to meditate every morning between three and five am," she says.

"When I was growing up he devised exercises for my sister and I, to help us become more aware of the moment: We were taught to say 'Om' whenever we placed something on the table, for example. Another was to say 'Ram' whenever we switched on the light!"

As a child she studied the violin and piano but it wasn't until she met Miten, at the Osho Commune in India, that she began exploring her voice.

"When Miten began encouraging me to sing harmony with him, I didn't need a big push! I had grown up with music so the ground work was already done. And we sounded pretty good together! At first I played a supporting role, singing second voice, playing keyboards, and co-leading our workshops, which used mantras and chants from different cultures. I was very shy to sing alone, but encouraged by Miten, I became more confident and eventually discovered my voice."

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Special Guests: Deva Premal and Miten Thursday, October 27, 2011
Special Guest: Deva Premal and Miten Thursday, February 17, 2011




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Deva Premal

  • All so good! Fun to sing along the other night in Sedona. My partner Eunjin cried the moment Deva made a sound. Cried and laughed at once as we embraced. The chants didn't make me cry but left me feeling light and fearless, like we'd bathed in love. Cool time...namaste

    -- Bill Huber
  • She is my Bodhisattva!!

    -- GinaNina Namaste
  • so soothing love the peaceful feeling this mantra gives. love the voice

    -- dakshina/ deva premalhttp://yahoo
  • kind hearted

    -- ramakrishnan nambiar
  • So enchanting!

    -- juanita annis
  • takes over my body mind and soul leaving planet earth thank you for your soul soothing experience

    -- sally
  • Deva's Angelic voice gives me both goosebumps and calming simultaneously. She and Miten's songs stay in my heart. I had their songs playing at my dear little Mum's funeral in 2008, everybody commented on how moving the songs are.

    -- Geoff

  • It's absolutely amazing. Every time I listen I'm transported to heaven. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all that you do and all that you are.

    -- Shez Bishop
  • Her heavenly voice changes aligns every cell in my body to optimum levels of peace and health. Namaste', so grateful. Moon

    -- Suzi Moon
  • i'm breathing better from this morning, the winds are blowin thruuuuuuuu and clearing! thank you deva,and co....and spirit voyage for todays free music selection!namaste. oooo-ooo-ooo!

    -- lotus
  • thank you thank you thank you thank you for these beautiful calming and holy songs coming thru deva's voice..the world music blend and balinese gentle oceanic winds and rhythms coming thru are a welcome spacious vibe for chilling and rejoicing!thank you!

    -- lotus
  • om kumara mantra and om shree rama mantra with deva's heavenly voice are transcendental....awesome! georgous and the BEST soooo comforting and relaxing! gotta have them!

    -- lotus
  • om shree rama is georgeous! deva your soul is vibrating me into heavens spiraling arms inside me at this moment with this song!ommmmmm danke you...

    -- lotus
  • She is the light of creation in voice.

    -- Ratnakar
  • She is the light of creation in voice!

    -- Ratnakar
  • Thanks you for the concert yesterday in Madrid.

    -- Olga
  • I love her music. It is so moving and takes me to a beautiful place of peace.

    -- Ger
  • I enjoy Deva's music. It has given me an inner peace that I haven't known for some time. Namaste.

    -- Max L.
  • Just so beautiful! I've got to have your CD!

    -- Robert Roestenburg
  • So beautiful, so divine, so soulful....And the connection we share with Osho, makes it that much easier to resonate with her voice. Her music is an on going part of my life.

    -- Sid Whitkin
  • thank you for your gift LIFTS ME TO a higher plane GOD BLESS X

    -- DENIS
  • ambient!

    -- ragavan
  • She is a very beautiful being.This music is very healing and divine.

    -- Sunito Ravibir
  • I absolutely feel great blessings coming from her, I bought her CD years ago called "The Essence" I play it in my work all the time I do hypnotherapy etc. Butnow it does not play anymore, so I am online to buy others. She is great.

    -- Rebecca Czajor
  • LuV um

    -- Spencer Pickens
  • Love them beautiful and moving

    -- vie
  • Thanks for pushing my re-start button. Beautiful chanting!

    -- Graham Smith
  • She is great with flawless,spontaneous,deeeply sritual voice.Great work deva

    -- Hanuman Toshniwal

  • Deva is divine. She has a very powerful voice. Deva i love waking up in the morning listening to your voice. She is a blessed and great spirit. I look forward to attend one ofyour concert one day and i will. Hugs from Dublin

    -- Priya
  • Tashi delek OM Aa Hoong I like it

    -- Tsering Lodoe
  • I love India. I was in India many years ago. Unfortunately I have heard about Deva from TV India and have not met her. Good Luck and All the Best!

    -- Nana Kutateladze
  • Her work is great! When so many people like it it speaks fot itself. She has a very balanced, encouraging look. And it is very great! I am a musician and appreciate her work!

    -- Nana Kutateladze
  • I learned of Deva several years ago and her voice trans sends the spirit and is a joy to listen to.

    -- mstoothfairy
  • She is dreamy-I like her.

    -- Gayle
  • Love Chidananda, and the others too. But that by far 'Rocks'. Listen to it at least 2 times a day.

    -- Tb Clowns
  • I use pieces from her password album to introduce my show on positive psychology. It sets a very nice open tone for the program. I regularly give her CD a plug because I think the world would be a better place if everyone spent regular time listening to and absorbing it.

    -- Barbara U Jones
  • Feeling much more better after listening to Deva Premal xxx love everything about them

    -- Jeanine
  • i love here Voice , it`s a insperation for me, to singing the Mantras

    -- Beate
  • Refreshing & very enjoyable

    -- Audley Hitchins
  • love

    -- Marcelo
  • Her voice chanting to me saved my life many times.

    -- Linda
  • special

    -- pam
  • she is sooooooo cool!

    -- tesh
  • Her deep, pure voice resonates to the very core of my being. The Moola Mantra invocation she does literally stops me in tracks. I love her!!!

    -- Lisa Renee Nelson
  • Turned channel over to body in to find an amazing unexpected voice-hence looking Deva up on this website. Glad I did,

    -- Marie Adens
  • Her voice is golden and she sings the mantras so well. Her songs are wonderful.

    -- Nellah
  • Mind Blowing..Lovely to see her and soothing to listen her..Yes Osho!

    -- Vivekta
  • Deva una Diosa total, me encanta!!!! Elena Pollini Uruguay

    -- Elena Pollini
  • she´s wonderfull

    -- reina arias
  • Absolutely Mezmorizing!!!! Love & Light Ashe'

    -- Shy

    -- Arisane Underwood
  • absolutely magical (both!)

    -- Rama
  • Love her!! Do you sell wholesale to studios? -- Definitely - email

    -- Summer Smith
  • I listen to the disc over and over and it ~ fills the space with calm and peace. LOVE IT

    -- Ellen Kerley
  • Sat nam Deva, thank you for the wonderful concert/healing session you gave in Washington DC last week; it was worth extending my stay in the US instead of going back to France to hear your beautyful chants and receive your generosity...

    -- Rita Minassian
  • Saw you in concert last week in MA. Magical. Come back soon. I love your voice, Deva, and I use your tracks to exercise my voice--I love singing with you. Margaret Trezza

    -- Margaret Trezza