David Newman or Durga Das, as he is also known, is a Kirtan Chant Artist, singer songwriter and a practitioner and educator of Bhakti Yoga - the yoga of love. His live Kirtans and concerts are joyous, ecstatic, uplifting and exploding with energy. A dedicated Kirtan Troubadour, David tours throughout the world with MIRA, a celebrated devotional singer, recording artist and percussionist. David travels extensively singing Kirtan (Indian devotional chanting) and sharing the spiritual, devotional, meditative and musical aspects of yoga. David's music embodies a devotional mysticism, distinctive musicality, poetic intimacy and a deep respect for India's ancient chant tradition. His recordings expand the traditional Kirtan medium by incorporating a wide range of musical and lyrical elements and by exploring a vast palette of progressive production influences. David is a devotee of Sri Neem Karoli Baba and he writes: "As I sing the sacred names and strum the eternal chords, I say thank you agian and again that my beloved Sri Baba Neem Karoli is smiling in my heart! If there is beauty found in my music and if it serves to inspire and uplift, it is for this reason."

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Special Guest: David Newman Thursday, April 07, 2011




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David Newman

  • I love his music.

    -- linda
  • Awesome relaxing voice

    -- Linda
  • My life changed after spending last weekend with Durga Das. All i have to do to focus and be at peace now is chant with him. In the car or anywhere I can buzz with peace and love. Thank you David for my new life.NAMASTE

    -- Andi
  • I am Spanish and I just discovered him. His music is marvelous. I want to know more about him.

    -- Sigfredo
  • I am french canadian who is appreciate stay strong and I would like to read all the words in English for understanding better every word. I have transfer this song to all my students in Biodanza.

    -- Claire de Repentigny
  • Amazing voice and musical arrangements. His harmonies with Kira truly transport one to a higher state of love and devotion, I sing along with the Into The Bliss and To Be Home CDs everyday!

    -- Juni Punga