Carrie Grossman (Dayashila), MA, has explored the world's spiritual traditions for over 15 years in the U.S. and abroad, and holds degrees in Religious Studies from Brown and Naropa Universities. She is a graduate of the Center for Mind Body Medicine's Advanced Training Program and teaches mind-body skills for stress reduction and joyful living. A registered yoga instructor and Kripalu Bodywork practitioner, Carrie has also been a student of Sanskrit chanting for over ten years.

When she was 16, Carrie spent a summer on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming where she participated in a sweatlodge ceremony. Inside the sizzling dark womb, the earth told her secrets while every pore sobbed. Her mind fell silent. When she stepped out into the raw and wild world, the night sky whispered, "It's all within you." From that moment on she pondered the purpose of life, ravished spiritual books, and remained a miserable teenager.

Carrie is interested in the connection between psychology and spirituality, and believes that enduring social change requires a transformation of the individual. She's also obsessed with mystic poetry and has a serious affinity for metaphors. She has been an ashram addict, interfaith wedding officiant, seaweed harvester, birth attendant, grape stomper, secretarial serf, bookseller, and basil farmer. Her friends consider her a closet naturopath.

During a dark period in her life, Carrie magically found her voice and realized that music is pretty much her favorite thing in the whole wide world. She enjoys singing, pretending to be a Vedic priestess, and making up love songs to the Universe.

In addition to wandering the planet in search of what already exists within her, Carrie is a writer and senior editor of Common Ground magazine. She is deeply inspired by the love-soaked Indian saint Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, and hopes that, with enough swigs from the cosmic wine jug, she'll eventually wake up.




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Carrie Grossman

  • me gusta mucho

    -- alejandra mabel terenghi
  • Carrie Grossman is amazing. I will be pruchasing this CD.

    -- Susan Rubin
  • She is wonderful!

    -- Ellie
  • thanks for opening my heart, blessings sister and friend, we are so alike except I can't sing,but love to chant.Come to Miami and Colorado.

    -- mia Rosen Glick(Fateh)
  • a very sweet voice. Beautiful sound. Thanks

    -- Jaipal Kaur
  • La voz de Carrie armoniza firmeza y dulzura.

    -- marcela
  • Her voice is so sweet. Beatutiful

    -- María Pérez
  • totally lovely

    -- Pirkaf