Bibi Bhani Kaur has been part of the Kundalini Yoga and Sikh community since 1971. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where she teaches yoga to students of all ages. Her classes include prenatal, postnatal, and children's yoga as well as classes at colleges and fitness centers. She always brings her guitar to accompany the chanting and singing she incorporates into her classes. She also plays kirtan at the Phoenix Sikh Gurdwara and leads community chanting on a regular basis. Her other albums include Light of the Soul and Union.




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Bibi Bhani Kaur

  • I would like to see her "Tis a Gift to be Simple" album put on a CD. I have the old cassette.

    -- Brad Bobzean
  • I am fortunate enough to know this woman. She is truly a light to the planet. Her presence is grace and comfort. She is talented and wise. If you have the opportunity to study with her, do it. If not, check out her angelic voice. She's a great cook, too and is a lot of fun to work with on community projects.

    -- agiapal kaur