As long as I can remember I have always felt most at home in the realm of spirit.  As a child, I could often be found dancing, singing, and drawing - wrapped in my own magical world of creation and soul. 

When I found kundalini yoga at the age of 18, it gave me a language to express and experience my body, mind, heart and soul. It gave me spiritual community, and most of all it gave me a deep love for and connection to the path of sacred sound and music.  

Over the next 15 years, I have been a student and teacher of Kundalini Yoga, art, music, ceremony and prayer. After the passing of my mother in 2008, I journeyed into the heart of the divine feminine, the voice of the earth and our ancestors, which guides my work today. 


I have travelled to and lived in many places, learning and sharing with different people and parts of our precious planet - observing and listening to my unique role in the unfolding of life.

I've never been able to fit into one faith, one genre, one country, one costume or one language.

I am so grateful to the practice of prayer, art and creativity because it allows us to experience and express the full spectrum of who and what we are.

I feel we are multidimensional human beings - cosmic rainbows with so much to learn from each of our relations.

hue=spectrum of color 

man=consciousness or mind

being=our nature

I am so blessed to have been given all the experiences, tools and teachers that I have. I continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude as I share in communities. The divine power of love and wholeness is awakening in our personal and collective consciousness at this time. 

I continue to devote life to love - self love, cosmic love, human love, true love.

I pray to do my part in awakening heaven on earth.  

I’ve spent many years traveling, offering Kirtan(sacred music) and "playshops" to inspire and nurture the soul's voice and creativity through Kundalini Yoga, song, art and dance.

I am currently completing my Masters in Art Education in British Columbia, and my certificate to teach art in high schools.

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Special Guest: Bachan Kaur Thursday, October 13, 2011




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Bachan Kaur

  • This is one of my favourite albums!! love it..beautiful sat kartar UK

    -- satkartar Kennedy
  • we love her, her voice and manner in which she openly offers her music is so soul shifting. Thank you.

    -- PaLu Love Rose
  • love it

    -- Nicky
  • Cosmic cycle

    -- Dorly viollier za
  • Such truth emanates from her Soul. Sat Nam!

    -- Sat Shabad Kaur
  • I just love Bachan :)

    -- Sat Shabad
  • Angelic authentic beautiful...

    -- Nirankar Kaur
  • Fantastic singer, highly creative and loving...I love all her songs. Blessings!

    -- Barbara
  • what a beautiful unique voice. when you hear it you just want to stop what you are doing and listen. simply divine

    -- sat ravi kaur