ANHAD is a Sikh Rock band that formed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2009.
We had always hoped of one day listening to a band that merged western music with eastern influences. Growing up, we were exposed to some of the best Kirtan of our day. At the same time, in the world around us, bands like Oasis, Coldplay, and U2 were gaining prominence. And when we weren't listening to the hymns of our Gurus, we were singing out loud to songs like Wonderwall, Where The Streets Have No Name, and In My Place, and occasionally, just occasionally, wished that one day the 2 worlds would meet.

We believe that God is a part of every breath, every moment of our every day. Not just the good ones, and not just for the ones we spend in His name. And that means He's there when we give someone a hug, when we go for rock concerts, when we dance to Bhangra, when we go on a date, and when we watch YouTube videos. He is always present. Now we love the fact that we have been able to make Him a part of our favourite music in the world.




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  • Awesome! :)

    -- Leslie Hennessy
  • So good! Even my non-yogi husband loves listening to them :)

    -- Liz
  • Brilliant Album even my son would listen to this!! I love it

    -- Manjeet Kaur
  • Rock and Roll is my religion too! Great album guys! Xx

    -- Phavanjit Kaur
  • I had the opportunity to meet them and play kirtan with them in Singapore and they are just an amazing group with so much devotion, spirit and enthusiasm. Just listening to them makes me smile.

    -- SatPavan Khalsa