Amrit Kirtan was born in New Orleans, Louisianna, and raised in Houston Texas. One of her fondest childhood memories was singing at the nursing home her adoptive grandmother was in, performing particularly for the elderly, sick or suffering. At the age of 12, she started voice lessons, and attracted the attention of renowned opera singer coach Alana Nicolaidi, who was then teaching at the University of Houston. She then attended the American Music and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan’s upper west side, trained in musical theatre. Amrit then moved to L.A. to start a brief and unfulfilling life as an actor. There, she met Chris, the man who would change her life forever. She took an extended break from acting, qualified as an Emergency Medical Technician, a Phlebotomist, even took flying lessons, all the while finding her way back to music. Amrit’s curiosity was piqued when she met a white Sikh. Two hours later, she found out about her local Gurudwara, the 4am Sadhanas, the chanting, and Kundalini Yoga.

Two years later she was a fully qualified and accredited Kundalini Yoga instructor. Meeting Yogi Bhajan was another life changing experience, as was the chance to journey alone to India on a voyage of self discovery and spiritual growth. There, she found the spiritual root of her musical inspiration, the source of her definitive sound of music. Eventually she contacted the renowned producer Thomas Barquee, and started on their first project together. A year and a half later, “Sacred Circle” was completed.




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Amrit Kirtan

  • canta como los angeles

    -- monica maldonado suarez
  • The best

    -- Mark Bottorff
  • Her voice comes strait from the heart. It looks like you are with holding these cd's just waiting to cut a big fat hog. If so, you are doing devotees a terrible dis-service.

    -- Mark Bottorff
  • Positively wonderful! Spellbinding! I want more.

    -- Mark Bottorff
  • I would love to hear more from this artist.beautiful voice

    -- stevi
  • she,s a great signer i like here verry mutch hope she does a of recording

    -- pierre lauzon
  • Love her

    -- PAUL
  • Amrit Kirtan is wonderful - I hope she records more CDs!!!

  • Love her music!! My yoga instructor Cali plays Sacred Circle during our yoga class. I loved it so much and asked for the name of the CD. I was so surprised when she gave me this CD at the next yoga session! Totally mesmerizing!! Bea from Florida

    -- Bea Nottingham
  • Truly captures the essence of kirtan - melodic, hypnotic, mesmerising. You beautiful, angelic voice should be broadcast across the world. How then could we still fight and hate, war and rage> Peace would surely descend like mist onto the suffering masses of this earth. I heard your album today while doing a massage swap - my friend selected your album for the first part of the session. Like others have said - utterly hooked! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful gift Love and respect, Robert

    -- Robert Hider
  • Truly the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. She is mesmerising and Sacred Circle is probably the most divine album I've ever heard. I do hope she makes many more recordings- I could listen to her forever. Thank you so much- Steve Bedford, Brisbane, Australia.

    -- Steve Bedford
  • Dear Amrit - your voice is surely a gift from God. I cannot even remember how I discovered your CD, but once I heard it, I was hooked. In fact, I gave my mother your CD and she plays it all the time! I keep trying to sample other similar artists, but to no avail! None is as gifted as you are, Amrit. Please tell us that you will be in the studio again soon... I can only say that I experience pure bliss when listening to that rapturous voice of yours! Is there a way to write to you? Many thanks for bringing such joy to the hearts of strangers. Kindest regards - Lisa from Lake Worth, FL

    -- Lisa Dwyer
  • fabulous voice namaste Venetia, New York

    -- venetia kapernekas
  • The most beautiful CD I have ever heard. I'm hoping that she is making more CDs. I just found her this week and I'm hooked and want to hear more. Thank you so much for the heavenly spiritual music! Namaste, Jeanette - Colorado

    -- Jeanette McLean
  • so sensual ...........................

    -- FATIMA (France)
  • Beautiful, Sacred & Divine cd I love it !! Will she be recording another?.........Namaste, David

    -- David Neel
  • Fabulous. Melodic, lovely, love her!

    -- Sonja
  • I listen to this cd almost every day.can't get enough of this beautiful voice.

    -- stevi gaston