Amanroop (Arnbjorg Kristin Konradsdottir) is a kundalini yogateacher and soundhealer based in Iceland. 

Amanroop grew up in the Icelandic country side allowing a lot of freedom, self discoveries and closeness to nature. After finishing the kundalini teacher training in Iceland she wrote the kundalini yoga meditation book True Nature in Iceland that was published in Icelandic and English in 2013. She has played the gong and taught yoga to people of all ages in Iceland and is a creator of a unique yoga in water program that has been taught for 5 years on the island. The gong is an important part of each class as people float in weightless space while merging with the sound of one. She now offers teacher trainings in Yoga in Water in Iceland and teaches regular soundhealing and meditation classes. She is a blessed mother of one son that is her source of inspiration to become a better person and parent following the yogic path and natural lifestyle. She has participated in Reykjavik Peace Festival in Harpa concert Hall in Reykjavik annually by playing the gong in a big group meditation followed by hundreds of people singing the song Love by John Lennon. 





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