Amanbir Singh Amanbir Singh - Kundalini Yoga teacher, acupuncturist, and singer draws his influence from studying the power of vibration, mantra and the sound current to promote healing and elevation at many levels. Based in New York City, Amanbir has been teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for several years in both classes and teacher trainings.

Known for his sense of humor, music, and extensive knowledge of the healing field, he offers a direct and fun approach to the healing dynamics of Kundalini Yoga. Amanbir currently shares his in-depth understanding of energetic and physical anatomy in numerous Kundalini Yoga and therapy trainings worldwide. He serves as one of the lead teachers and directors of Golden Bridge Yoga trainings with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.

His passion with music is to inspire everyone to find joy in all moments and celebrate the creative current that runs through all.




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Amanbir Singh

  • I think Amanbir is a wonderful teacher and has amazing positive energy!

    -- Chandra
  • Fascinating teacher who takes the level of consciousness of his students to a deeper & higher level. Tahnk you

    -- Frederic
  • I was in New York and took a couple of classes with Amanbir and he mentioned making an album. I loved one of his songs he played in class. When is this album coming out?

    -- Annette Spangler